June 26, 2017

Springing into April & May

I've accepted the fact that I won't post monthly at this point. I often question how I was more blog productive when the kids were babies?!? I think it was more that they change so much week to week, that I had to capture the memories before I forgot them.

We've had a fun and busy couple of months, so I'll split up the next few blogs to make it appear that I'm not dumping 3 month's worth of memories;)

April and May were gorgeous in Austin, as always, so we spent most of our time outdoors - greenbelt, Zilker Park, our backyard, etc. I'll let the pics tell the story...

Eleanor's BFF, Audrey, came to town over Easter weekend... these two can't get enough of each other:)

Greenbelt Time!

Hacks joined the Beadles and Thomases. 

Buddies noshing

Boys and their toys.

Someone is pretty excited about the Easter egg hunt.

Dinner at Lucy's.

Kids attended their first wedding. Two teachers at school got married, and then Athena decided to throw a school wedding for them. The kids made the headgear, wooden rings, and wrote vows for the teachers. See video below:)

Crazy hair, don't care.

Parent's Day Out at Food & Wine Festival! Super fun and amazing weather.

As we prepped for our Watercolor vacation, the beach was all that was on Eleanor's mind. She came home with this note for her friend, Hadley, who was traveling with us.

We're off!

Bama was nice enough to schlep us from and to the airport. First stop, Shrimp Shack for lunch with an unreal view.

In her element.

This guy was pretty excited too.

Yoga on the beach

Walk home from the beach

Adult dinner out at Fish out of Water

Superb Mother's Day with these two

Uncle Nick, Aunt Jane, and Cousin James came to visit for a few days. Fisher was SUPER excited to have boy time with James among all the other girls in our house. The Greagers joined us with their two darling girls, Hadley and Harper. Shown here: Fish, Hadley, Eleanor, and James.

High fives!

Silly friends soaking up the beach.

Rainbow popsicles for all! 

This about sums up the fun of the week!

Racecar time with Papa.

Paddle ball for the dads.

Beach+sun+sugar = crashed

Justin and the kid crew.

Thomas Boys with their poolside treats.

Back in Austin, silly hair.

Next up, Six Flags!! It was basically Christmas for Daddy. We fully anticipated that our wild child son would embrace the thrill rides and that our cautious daughter wouldn't. Well, they switched roles! Eleanor couldn't get enough of the roller coasters, and Fisher preferred to stick to just the ferris wheel. Shown here is Fisher scared to death, and Eleanor trying to get our attention so that they'd stop the ride for Fish.

Teacup style ride.

Pretzels as big as their heads

Ferris wheel

Eleanor's end of year gymnastics show

More greenbelt! Eleanor forgot her swimsuit, hence the undies;)

Zucchini harvested from our garden.

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