January 19, 2012

The Big Apple

We had an amazing time in NYC... we basically spent 4 days eating, walking, eating, walking, and shopping. I learned 3 important lessons while there. 1) I'm pregnant and can't run around like a non-prego person anymore 2) We've become total wimps with cold weather. 3) I think college is overrated and want my daughter to become a chef.

With the help of our foodie friend, Andy Sabola, we had quite the lineup for our gorgefest:
Thursday: Saxon+Parole
Friday: Momofuko, Giorgione's
Saturday: Dutch, Casa Mono
Sunday: Pulino's

My neurotic and anal retentive ways are setting in, and I'm in full blown nesting mode. I think it's probably premature, but maybe the baby is a planner like me and is sending subliminal messages? Even though we just moved into the new house in May, I'm suddenly interested in reorganizing every closet and purging non-essentials to make room for baby paraphernalia.

I had my 30 week appointment this week, and the doctor is pleased with measurements/weight/movement/overall health. We feel very fortunate to have had a smooth pregnancy and seemingly healthy baby. We can't wait to meet our daughter - the big birthday will be here before we know it:)

New World Trade Center site - our first hotel was right across the street
Justin anxiously awaiting lunch at Momofuko - props to David Chang's culinary delights
Converse anyone?
Wonderful dinner out with one of my oldest friends, Meredith Imber. Great to catch up with Mer and her new husband, Greg.
All things Lebowski. Too bad the shop wasn't open yet...
Ridic brunch at Dutch. Fried chicken and honey butter biscuits before noon? Yes, please!
In heaven sitting at the chef's counter at Casa Mono.
30 weeks

January 8, 2012

3rd Trimester

As we dive into the 3rd trimester, we're now realizing everything we have to accomplish before our daughter's birthday... an exciting yet somewhat anxiety ridden time.

We had our 28 week (4D) sonogram this week, and it was incredible at just how much you can see. I immediately started crying as I saw our baby's nose and mouth form up on the screen. Baby T in 4D made pending parenthood all the more real. While she still looks sort of like an alien (a beautiful alien), we are beyond thrilled with our new mug shots. It's all we can do to not look at them 82 times a day.

We think she has Daddy's mouth and Mommy's nose.

Hopefully she's this peaceful out of the womb...

Apparently, our baby girl is in the 63rd percentile, so we're wondering if she really ours:) Baby T already weighs 3 pounds, and if she continues on this path without plateauing, we'll have a ~9 lb baby... yikes.

Lately, I've had every stranger known to man tell me that I'm having a boy, even AFTER I tell them that we're having a girl. I expressed my concern to the sonographer, and she assured me that Baby T has girl parts.

We made a trip to Dallas yesterday to pick up my mom mobile. Goodbye Chicago "city" sedan, hello SUV. While it feels huge to me right now, I'm sure the new wheels will seem much smaller once the stroller, car seat, and baby paraphernalia is loaded in.

We are headed to NYC this week. Justin has his annual sales meeting, and I just ride his coattails and soak in some urban living. We miss living in a big city, so this gives us the opportunity to live the fast life for a week in the Big Apple. Visiting friends and colleagues, cheering on the Jayhawks at a local KU bar, and eating our way through NYC - I'm sure to come back exhausted, but we can't wait.

January 2, 2012

Navidad & Nuptials

It was Christmas at the beach for the Thomases this year! This was the first time all of us were together for a holiday in years. We don't sleep much, we drink a LOT of coffee, and we all love to talk... great times. This was an extra special trip due to brother Nick getting hitched.  There's nothing better than the beach, family, and some R&R. I've known and loved Jane for years, but this was the first time to meet and spend some quality time with the Novotny Family - Bob, Cindy, and Bob... We had a blast sharing food, cocktails, and stories. Hopefully the Thomas Family Antics didn't scare them off... "BOOM."

We spent 2 nights at Watercolor Inn for our "Babymoon" - (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babymoon) complete with giving a new restaurant a try, a spa day, and a day walking around Seaside.

We continued the tradition of meeting up with the Hales post-Xmas. We were introduced to Mr. Jack Hale, who is just as adorable as his pictures promised (Baby T and Olivia Clancey are gonna have a blast with him at KU). Maggie and Dylan have this parenting gig nailed. We hit up The Red Bar (http://www.theredbar.com/) with the Hales where we promptly planned our next trip to Santa Rosa Beach.

The Thomas Family Bike Ride made a comeback after 20 years. As kids, we spent many an afternoon biking around as a family... we loved it. This time our recent additions joined us. Me, Sarah, Mom, Dad, Tom, Meghan, and Elizabeth all joined in on the fun. I was so proud that everyone made it unharmed and uninjured. Elizabeth was not at all happy to get in the caboose that Tom pulled, but she was a champ as were her parents. Sarah was obviously the MVP completing a 12 mile bike ride 27 weeks pregnant. 

Now that we're back in Austin, we're in full baby mode: building nursery furniture, cleaning closets, and our 28 week doctor's appointment. Word on the street is that we'll have 3D pictures from the sonogram, if our active little girl will sit still to have her picture taken. Stay tuned for glamour shots on our next post. 

Pics and Video are below:

Our niece, Elizabeth, kept us entertained the entire week. Uncle Nick and Auntie Jane dressed up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus on Christmas Eve, and as you can see in this video, Elizabeth would have nothing of it.

This was our gorgeous view from our room at Watercolor Inn.
Pre-rehearsal dinner. Sporting my traditional nuptial mustache for the occasion.

The newlyweds and Norm post-ceremony.

Tom and Elizabeth all dolled up... precious. Elizabeth was on her best behavior all evening.

Not a bad view post-ceremony...

The Thomas and Novotny Family Unite! An incredible dinner at Fish Out of Water's private wine room. Delicious food and wonderful company completed the memorable day.
Prego on a cruiser. The Thomases all returned in 1 piece after the 12 mile trek.    
27 weeks