June 15, 2016

Reunion Recap

Ok, I've been lazy! So so much to catch up on. I know, I know... I keep making excuses. But really, while I love reminiscing via the blog, it's become more challenging to keep up with. I vow to continue, just not likely as frequently. So here goes!

We were honored to host the Fisk Family Reunion in Austin April 20-24. When I told friends that I was planning the reunion, most responses were... "Yikes, being with family for that amount of time sounds like a nightmare." or "Wow, you're brave - why would you commit to that?!?" Well, let me tell you - there is something truly special about my family, not normal: everyone genuinely loves and respects each other, we all have fun, we all pitch in, everyone has a job/career and contributes to their respective families, and each and every member is grateful for what they have.

Even though Katie and I grew up thousands of miles away from our Arizona family, we feel as connected with them as if we lived in the same city. And now, to grow our families and see the next generation create memories... well, it's just heartwarming. None of the weekend would have been possible without the matriarch, Betty Jury. Grammy, you have taught (and continue to teach) all of us so many valuable life lessons. We wouldn't be where we are today without you and your unconditional love and support.

Here was the rundown for our amazing time together - there were SO many pictures, I could only include so many:

Family arrives, Arizona/California crew hosts play date and pizza party

Lunch at a German rainy beer garden; More family arrives, pool party and dinner at Thomas Casa

Planned for family pictures at Zilker Park, but due to rain, relocated to Thomases; Adult (private) dinner at La Condesa; Viewing of the Congress Street bats; Drinks and dancing at Cedar Street

BBQ lunch at Salt Lick; Dinner and pool party at Thomases

Breakfast tacos at Palumbo/Shipley/Adams house; Site seeing

Welcome wagon at the Austin Airport

Instant cousin love

Sweet Cora and Aunt Nancy

First flight for precious Mavis!

Fish loves Kiki:)

These kids have NO fun with Papa Jack

Sisters on vacation

Joe and Christian hitting up Rainey Street

Getting gussied up for family photos

Grammy with her great grandchildren. Cheers to this matriarch!

And with her handsome grandsons, Billy & Charlie.

Charlie and Billy taking one for the team with the great grandchildren:)

Quietest time of the night.

Best behaved boys EVER.

Big Top Candy was a must for these two.

Fisher loved his big boy cousins.

Papa Jack keepin' it real.

A bunch of dudes...

Grammy and Cora.


The private space at La Condesa for our Friday night family dinner. It was delish!!

A walk to the trail to see the Congress Bridge bats take flight.

Katie and Katherine post dinner

Me and Liz post dinner

Nancy and Brian

Who's having fun? Liz won the prize for the most energy;)


I could eat her up! Sweet Mavis.

Outing to Salt Lick for our crew of 23

Charlie and Billy may have eaten more ribs than anyone else.

BYOB bin

Gorgeous pit

Cora and Nana overseeing pool activities

The whole crew at The Salt Lick

Katie and Brian

Big boys watching out for the littles.

Eleanor and Joss had lots of laughs... two peas in a pod.

Billy waited a few hours, then round two for ribs!

Grammy feeding the sweet tooth

Speaking of sweets - we topped off Saturday night celebrating Becky and Brian's 60th.

More cousin love

These two peanuts look thrilled. 
Snuggle time with Mema;)

Christian and Liz bidding Austin farewell. Come back soon!


Grammy sneaking in some last minute snuggles with this little bug.

The Adams Family

Hike and Bike Trail pit stop on the way to the airport.