October 13, 2016

Farewell to Summer

So we kicked off the school year in late August. I think we were ALL ready to get back into a routine. Eleanor is in her last year at Athena. Fisher is in the same classroom at Athena and will graduate in December from Tots to Primary, where he'll be for 2.5 years. Fisher's teacher says he already has a case of senior-itis, strutting around the classroom like he owns the place. All joking aside, it's nice for him to be the older kid in the class since he's used to being the little brother at home.

We went to Chrystal Beach for Labor Day weekend with The Hacks and The Dabiris, which was super fun. We rented a house on the beach, and the kids would have slept out on the beach if we let them. All in all, it went smoothly - from the drive, to 3 families under 1 roof, to various nap schedules, etc. We'll definitely go back!

The kids are playing into gender stereotypes big time these days:

Eleanor is all about princesses and jewelry. She's also in to puzzles (currently outgrown 100 pieces), coloring or anything arts/crafts related. E continues to like her gymnastics class and has lightly *started* to read. She guesses a lot of the words, but when she's focused, she's great at reading BOB Books.

Fisher is all about race cars (or any vehicle of sorts) and super heroes (primarily Spiderman). He continues to master his balance bike, now to the point that he practically does circus tricks - pops wheelies and rides backwards downhill. Fisher's love for food - ANY food - is uncanny. That kid can eat like no other, almost a sport for him.

Rainy first day of school, 2016

Hand holding snugglers

Raspberry fingers!

Playdate with Grant

Two bros, sipping on apple pouches and watching TV.

We recently went to dinner in the neighborhood, and the host offered the kids Etch-A-Sketches. Old school brilliance!

Butler Park Splash Pad

Eleanor insisted on packing a picnic tea party for her dolls.

Off to Chrystal Beach! Justin's genius move here was to put their earphones on and play their sound machine to get them to sleep. It took no time at all!

Cool cat throwing the 'bee.

This girl LOVES the beach!

Decorating Baby Hack with stickers.

Flying our kite. Not shown here: the actual kite.