November 1, 2016

Friends, Festivals & Phoenix

Even though it's still in the 90s in Austin in November, I guess you consider it "Fall." In true Thomas fashion, we've been busy traveling, hosting guests, and keeping busy.

The kids are *finally* easy travelers. Although I may be eating those words for the 11 hour car ride to Pensacola for Christmas. Stay tuned on that front.

I'll let the pics below tell the story...

One of our last pool days. Anyone who's been in our pool knows that Justin is psychotic about it being pristine. If a blade of grass finds it's way into the pool, Justin immediately scoops it out with a net. Well, Justin was marveling at his hours of work to get the pool the cleanest it's ever been, and seconds later THIS happened. I obviously began hysterically laughing. Justin didn't think it was so humorous.

Pecan Street Festival petting zoo. 

Parent's Weekend! We hosted a houseful of adult friends for ACL this year while Nana and Kiki watched the kids for 3 days. We had the best time ever - so many fun memories with this crew - Nick, Dede, Justin, Erik, Kyle, and Clark.

This was the full team. Great weather, unbeatable company, and the perfect festival scene.

Erik doesn't know how to let loose.

Meanwhile, this kid is getting spoiled by Nana and Kiki.

Pretty princess!

Strolling with Brian and Kiki.

Another beautiful day - without kids.

Game faces.

The kids are going to be on TV! The Cooking Channel's Unique Sweets show featured our good friend's gelato shop. Since my kids are practically brand ambassadors, they made an on camera debut. It'll air in January! This is them enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Pumpkin patch time! We went to Barton Hills Farm this year and were really impressed. We could have spent 5 hours there - so much to do and see.

Fish and I went on an early run one weekend. On the way out the door, he says, "I wear Al-nor's shoes!" He's so proud of his footwear here.

ACL Weekend 2 with kids was just slightly different than weekend 1 with friends:) We took the kids for a few hours in the morning. It was exhausting but fun too.

Austin Kiddie Limits is legit! A huge area with vendors for the kids. Here they're in a drum circle with about 15 other kids.

Erin and James McGiffert come to visit! The kids (and their Mom) looooved having a baby in the house. James is the sweetest little boy ever!

Ventured out to NLand to check out the hype. Super cool set up. We just observed but will definitely be back to surf!

Birthday party at an arcade in Buda. Not sure if parents or kids had more fun.

Lana, Ellie's BFF at school and also the birthday girl.

She won 250 tickets from this "game."

You had him at race car.

Phoenix! Kids tried to submerge themselves in the pool, but it was COLD!

GGpa meets Fish and they instantly connected over ice cream.

Train park in Scottsdale was a hit.

Butterfly Museum in Scottsdale was also a fave. We watched a 3D movie before entering the exhibit. 

These pictures don't do it justice. There were 3000 butterflies flying around us in a greenhouse of sorts. Absolutely beautiful, and the butterflies would land on us too!

GGma hanging with the kids. Fisher is pulling up his shorts here so that the butterflies would have more leg surface area:)

Buds. Fisher donning his rock chalk gear on KU Homecoming

Happy 6th Anniversary. We opted for the romantic route and celebrated at a sports bar in Mesa watching the Cubs win that lead them to the World Series.

Meanwhile, Kiki sneaks snuggles with Fish at Becky and Brian's. Thanks to such generous and accommodating hosts!

Sister sporting her fairy skirt from Aunt Becky.

iPad sound machine strikes again! 2 hour nap for this fella on the way back to Austin. All the essentials - water, motorcycle, and a one-eyed bear.