October 21, 2013


Breaking news: Baby #2 is a boy! I had a feeling from the beginning, and it was confirmed last week (yes, I'm tardy in getting a post out - the longer I wait, the harder it gets!). We're excited to start planning the little guy's room and wardrobe. All else is great on the pregnancy front according to the doctor, just the continued exhaustion - not sure if that's necessarily the pregnancy - I think that's just being the mother of our very busy Eleanor.

We've had a fun couple of weeks. The entire Lawrence/Fisk/Palumbo/Shipley/Jury/Thomas family ventured out to Santa Ynez (north of Santa Barbara) for my cousin Elizabeth's wedding. We had SO much fun hanging out with everyone and enjoying the beautiful northern California weather. Eleanor caught a cold, which wasn't fun, but she stayed busy nonetheless. Eleanor adored her cousins, especially the "big boys" - Charlie & Billy - mainly because they were boys. Read: rough-housing, balls, dirt, etc. Elizabeth was an absolutely stunning bride, and Gainey Vineyard was the most beautiful setting for a wedding.

Two weekends ago we had Justin's parents in town as well as Clark for Austin City Limits. Full house! Eleanor was spoiled rotten with Bama and Gampa, showing them all her favorite activities - playing in the rain, visits to the pet store and grocery store, and general tomfoolery.

This past weekend, we made a quick trip to Houston to meet up with our friends, The Reichles, who were in town from London for a wedding. While our visit with them was short, it was so great to catch up with Lara, Eric, and their (almost) 3-year-old daughter, Sloane. The girls played and showed us just how much they could make lunch a circus-like.

Aunt Katie has officially moved in with us, and after the first week, we didn't scare her off *sigh of relief*. Eleanor loves hanging out with her Auntie, and they both keep busy during their days together. 

New happenings:

: Stringing words together: "Thanks, Mom," "Ooooo, pretty," "Cheers, cheers" (when she's drinking from her cup), "More milk."

: The counting obsession has reached an all time high. Eleanor counts ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. Literally, from the moment we go in to get her from her crib in the morning until we put her back there for bed at night.

: Ellie has shown some interest in the initial steps of potty training. Really, she just understands that she's wet and poopy. So, we bought her a little potty chair. Our plan was to not push her, but hoped that having the potty chair around and reading about going on the big girl potty MAY lead to having just 1 child in diapers come March. Each night before her bath, we ask her if she wants to sit on the potty, and she's peed or pooped 4 times in the last week. The first time she peed, she looked concerned, and kept saying "uh oh, uh oh." I think she's getting used to it, and we're pretty amazed. Still taking it slow though.

: Buttons of any kinds are a big deal - elevator, washing machine, microwave, etc. When we asked Ellie for help and let her push buttons, she claps and cheers afterwards, so proud of herself.

: We still have a major Mommy attachment right now. If I'm in the room, she really doesn't want to go to anyone else and still insists on constantly holding my hand. When I leave, there is a minor eruption, but luckily, it only lasts for a few minutes.

: I'm still amazed at how our daughter asks to go to bed. If we can tell she's getting tired, we ask her, "Do you want to go night night and see bunnies?" and she'll candidly tell us "No" or "Yeah." Sometimes, she'll even walk to her crib when she's tired. She's like her mother - when I hit a wall, I have to call it quits! That all being said, she did inherit her dad's FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), so if she hears something going on downstairs while she's sleeping, she'll insist on partaking;)

Cousins reunited! Eleanor and Joss taking the flower girl wagon for a spin.
The groom pulling Princess Eleanor.

The bride!
Morning snuggles with Aunt Katie.
Morning stroll to get coffee in Los Olivos. With the 2 hour time change, we were beating down the door of the coffee shop when it opened at 7:00 am;)

Non pregos did a wine tasting at Qupe, one of our favorite wines.
Meanwhile, Eleanor passed the time rolling around on the deck of the wine tasting house.
... found a stick and checked out the nearby rocks.
...And antagonized a local cat. Who needs wine in wine country?
Grammy and Papa Jack rented a house on a horse ranch, so we had a great time checking out the digs. Brian was nice enough to spot our daughter as she observed the horsies.
Cousins at the rehearsal dinner.
E and Daddy catching up on iPad time in the cute little window seat at our rented house.
Charlie and Billy stopped by our house for a dip in the not-so-hot hot tub.
Then, they showed Eleanor how to store acorns in the water fountain. E was mesmerized.
Gainey Vineyard for the wedding - the most picturesque setting!
Handsome Fisk Boys pre-ceremony.
A walking J. Crew ad;)
Naples meets Austin.
Grandma Betty looks as beautiful as ever.


Just married! What an amazing couple - so grateful to be part of such a special weekend.

Nancy Fisk, Grandma, and Mom

More Sisters
More Cousin pics
We stopped in Carpenteria on the way back to LA on Sunday and found this cute little diner. When I spotted 1 single booth in the entire joint, I jumped on it, thinking we could corner Eleanor best there. She insisted on eating at the counter and relished in every moment, especially when the owner brought her a bucket full of figurines.
Sharing my birthday breakfast with my favorite (and feisty) daughter.
Austin City Limits 2013. Clarky in town for the 2nd year in a row. Good times with great friends.
A day without a toddler hanging on me... glorious!
Visiting the chickens at Olivia post brunch with Bama, Gampa, and Clark.
Go Chiefs!
The only picture I was able to capture in Houston with the Reichles. They came all the way from London, but we spent most of our time together chasing the girls around.
Eleanor loved the murphy bed in the living room of our hotel suite. Perfect little hiding spot!
We hit up the Houston Children's Museum on the way out of town. Pretty impressive spot - highly recommend it for anyone with kiddos in the Houston area. 
Eleanor trying to make as many friends as possible at the museum - tea party!

Reveling in Nana's flashlight on her phone.

A little game Ellie played with Bama and Gampa - Pass the Stella (baby's name). Grandparent strolls E around in the baby's mini stroller while the other grandparent hands the baby off to Eleanor. The faster, the better, of course.