January 17, 2018

Holidays 2017

We had a busy December with various Christmas celebrations, holiday activities, and a bunch of traveling.

In other news, Eleanor learned to ride a bike without training wheels! We are so proud of her!

The kids' first snow sighting. They LOST THEIR MINDS - so excited. And even got a snow day out of it.

In true snow day fashion, we decided to ice skate on the Whole Foods roof. It was 55 degrees on our brutal "snow day."
Fish's first time - he was a champ.
Off to Sun City to celebrate Christmas with Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim. 

Fisher's race care was a hit.

And Eleanor's art supplies were spot on too.

Dinner at Shady Grove with the Greagers before hitting up Zilker Trail of Lights.

Terrible pic, but you get the idea...


Ferris wheel with stunning views of the city.
Eleanor caught the awful virus going around. She missed 3 days of school, and we were both stir crazy. So after the fever was gone, we went to get our nails done. Her first mani! She finally decided to give up finger sucking, so it was a milestone.
So proud.

After we got rid of the nasty bug plaguing this sweet girl, we celebrated with cookies.

Fisher's holiday concert at school.

Fisher and Charlie, his best bud at school.

Off to KC! First stop, visit Papaw at Science City at Union Station. 
Spinning chairs

Crown Center for lunch.

Topsy's post lunch

We stayed at The Lews' new house in Fairway. Super fun to hang with these two cuties - Eddie and Jackson.
Jackson is a snuggler:)

Best babysitter around. 
Park with Lews and Clanceys

Dinner "party" with moms and kids while Dads were at The Chief's game.

Bagel breakfast with Johnsons and Lews

Very few pics of busy boys... wrestling match here.

Next stop, visiting Erin, James, and Sergio.

Off to Pensacola to celebrate Christmas with the Thomases and Woods! Art installation in downtown Pensacola...

We totally lucked out with the weather!

Our view from the house Lynn and Allen rented for us. It was so nice to be right on the beach!

OS Nintendo video gaming...

Full house!

Back in Austin just in time for Santa! Eleanor got a bunch of art supplies, and she was quick to test them out.

And this dude got the skateboard (and accompanying helmet/pads) that he's been asking for for 6 months.
Christmas visitors - Laura, Billy and Ryan! Eleanor's real live baby doll. E was SO excited to feed baby Ryan.

And even change her first diaper;)

Off to San Antonio for an overnight. We'd hoped to hit up the zoo and Sea World. but the frigid weather dictated otherwise. We still had fun checking out the Christmas lights on the riverwalk and going out to dinner.

We had to get creative with activities over the winter break because of the weather. Arcade here we come!

Jayhawks played UT (and won)!
More indoor activities to pass the time during the break. All suited up to rock climb at a new spot in Austin.

Finally warm enough to be outside. We hiked the greenbelt with the Hacks.

Up next: our annual NYC trip. Lots of walking, shopping, and eating.

While we were in NYC, Cousin Taylor and Kiki took care of the kiddos. They kept busy and were spoiled rotten. They even got to visit Laura and Baby Ryan. Fisher shown here holding her for the first time (he's been too sick or snotty to hold her until now). He was incredibly proud;)

Whole Foods outing.

Kids helping schlep the groceries home from Whole Foods.

This gal can ride a bike sans training wheels now! Justin took her on a special Daddy/Daughter date, and she picked it up right away. Now just need to continue to practice.

Ice cream sundae celebration afterwards
Meanwhile, Fisher and I had a date. Run/bike on the boardwalk... calm before the ice storm hit the next day

And a visit to Uncle Andy for some gelato.

From 60s and sunny to 20s and icy. Second snow day of the year.