August 23, 2017

Still Summer?

How can it possibly still be summer? When do our structured, routine based schedules start back up again?

All kidding aside - summer was fun but also wore me out. By mid July, the kids were like an old married couple, constantly bickering at each other. And the heat really limited when we could venture out and for how long. Even our pool was spent and registered ONE HUNDRED DEGREES by the end of July.

Here's a bit of how we coped...

Zilker Botanical Gardens with Grant Hack

Happy pretty princess

And then a meltdown, just to keep things interesting.

Barton Springs is a surefire way to keep cool. Eleanor is really into posing these days;)

Cousin Taylor and her boyfriend Andrew came to visit. Family outing!

Adult outing for the cousins

Go Fish on Fish!

Off to Houston to visit Daddy. These two lucky ducks got to hang at the pool while Daddy worked.

The many sides of Eleanor.

Art camp for Ellie was a HIT! Our little artist couldn't get enough of it. Andy Warhol in action here...


Van Gogh

Meanwhile, I hung with this stud. Somehow in the span of a summer, he went from a toddler to a big boy. *tear, tear*

Bama and Papa come to visit! Sweatband and headlamp accessories for the win.
Dinner with birthday BFF, Audrey, at Home Slice.

By mid-summer, we realized we needed to divide and conquer to create one on one outings with the kids. They desperately needed separation from one another. Sister and I went to a kids' improv show at the Scottish Rite Theater, the oldest Theater in Austin. It was super cute - improv fairy tales with audience involvement.

Followed by a ladies lunch at Josephine House
Fisher/Daddy date - downtown strolling and hot dogs at Frank's.

And a stop at Home Depot. Fish was quite the helper!

Justin's first kill - raccoon with a pellet gun. Our dear friend, Essie, "disposed" of the creature back to where it came from.

Our summer country club, Deep Eddy Pool

The .02 seconds that we captured brother relaxing at Barton Springs.

Skinny dipping at the Hacks to stay cool

Family Date Night at Old Thousand!

Fish calls his collared button shirts his "date shirts." 

Last summer weekend. We hit up the Bat Festival on the Congress Bridge. The kids saw the bats take flight for the first time and were super impressed.

After going barefoot around the bouncy houses, we brought a bit of Congress home with us.

Swimming in our hot tub!

Thomas Girls whipping up some energy balls.

August 22, 2017

Kansas City

Kansas City was a fun filled 6 days. We literally had social plans every hour. It was exhausting but also good to see friends and family and celebrate the 4th of July there. The kids experienced their first fireworks show and were absolutely floored. As we left Milburn that night, Eleanor exclaims, "This was the best day of my life!"

We also had a mini Lawrence family reunion of sorts and considering the semi short notice, it was a great turnout. The kids loved meeting new cousins and playing at the park and splash pad.

The Lunds and Dreilings hosted a blowout Sunday Funday at Jeff's house. I think there ended up being 50+ people there... yet it was controlled chaos. Fisher, who NEVER admits to being tired, came to be at the end of the night (well past his bedtime) and said, "Mom, why are all of these people here being so loud when I'm supposed to be sleeping?!?" 

We bounced around from country club to country club, and the kids thought this was just the coolest. The only pools they're really familiar with are the one in our backyard, Deep Eddy (public pool) and Barton Springs (public pool).

Olivia Clancey, Eleanor, and Caroline Imber. Meredith and Greg were visiting from NYC. So fun to see the girls together... enjoying one of KC's finest - Minsky's!

The boys had fun too. The Clanceys live on over an acre, so our kids were in heaven running wild in the backyard chasing rabbits.

Ellie with Dad, Vivi (Dad's dog), and Cousin Lee

Eleanor informs me that she likes playing with her new friend, Sydney. I had to clarify that it was her cousin... but could also be her friend;)

The whole crew
Sunday Funday water balloon lineup

Hudson Johnson and Fisher were bros. Bomb pops to celebrate the 4th...

Just a few kids at the shindig!

A visit to Tallgrass to visit Grammy and Papa Jack. Grammy planned a fun scavenger hunt for the kids, followed by a swim, followed by lunch. Do you think Eleanor was having fun?!?

Squinty eyes into the sun, but we all had fun!

Park meet up with my friends (Lindsey Clancey, Scott and Carolyn Ellspermann, and Chad Feingold.

Another stop on the friends tour to visit Erin and her son James. I hadn't seen James in a year so it was great to see him in action.

Taco Via fix

Daytime fun on the 4th at Milburn

"Vacation" is exhausting.

Family pic before heading to Milburn for dinner and fireworks

Fueling up with some sugar

Glow sticks for everyone. Calm before the rain...
Rain wouldn't stop us! Many people left when it started raining, we just hung inside the golf cart garage.

Silly Monkeys - two peas in a pod
Lucy Dreiling was the absolute best hostess all week. Literally at our beck and call!

Super Ellie visiting the Johnsons. Even Mrs. Johnson joined in the fun.

Besides the swing here with Eleanor and Huds, I think the kids played about 8 sports in the backyard during the playdate.

Sweet Kane hanging with the big kids