May 31, 2018

Summer Here We Come!

What a fun spring we had! How is it already summer. A few more days left of school, and then 83 days of summer. I'm equally scared and excited. We have lots of fun travels that we'll document throughout the summer, and the kids are in a few different camps. I look forward to lazy mornings without the hustle and bustle of getting out the door, but I'm not looking forward to the kids bickering from spending too much time together.

Clanceys visit Austin! Olivia an Eleanor eating dinner.

A trip to Gemelli to show off our favorite gelato.

85 degree swim day on Friday, dip to 50 degrees on Saturday.

Charlie and Fish eating al fresco.


Eric and Linds - Parents' Night Out

Didn't get the kids together for a bluebonnet photo sesh, but Justin happened to capture this stud on his own. Zero personality, this kid.

Another half marathon under my belt. Meredith Greager and I did this one in Brenham... beautiful course, but I wasn't as graceful as I was at the Austin Half.

What thoughtful husbands to have sent flowers and bubbles to our hotel

My boys in their ball caps:)

Sister lost her second tooth!

$2 for E!

Operation Haircut! Eleanor decided she wanted her hair short, like when she was little...

Adorable transformation!

Our first International Festival at Mathews Elementary! What an impressive spectacle! 400 students from 40 different countries speaking 20 different languages. We love that our kids are exposed to such diversity on a daily basis.

Our sweet girl, growing up so fast!

Making banana bread with Nana.

Date with Charlie to see Goodnight Moon at The Zach Theater.

Dirt track date with Cord.

Last minute weekday dinner out at Pool Burger
Buddy riding downtown. He loves mixing plaids and stripes as shown here;)

Daddy/Daughter date - sushi lunch on a rooftop downtown.

My girl;)

Food and Wine Fest

Our thespian had quite the admiring audience!

Celebratory dinner after the show.

"Big carrots" for the win at the Farmer's Market.

Fun lunch at Clark's with Bama and Papa.

Baby quail hatched in E's classroom!

Mother's Day picnic at Zilker park.

The kids love their board games.

Justin asked me what I wanted to do Mother's Day evening. I quickly replied, "Steal the Nintendo from the playroom and have a glass of wine." Simple pleasures!

Weekend nap position for the boys. 

During their study of birds, Ms. King's class created bird hotels.

Last field trip of the year: Mayfield Park

The kids painted Monet-like watercolors of the pond at the park.

Swan research project presentation.

Surf's up! Date at NLand catching some waves. It was my first time and Justin's second. Brian Berry was the perfect coach!

All ready for Author's Tea!

The class made tea and muffins using ingredients from their class garden.

Our smart and creative girl wrote and illustrated 12 books this year, more than any other classmate.

"About the Author"
Fisher had his first real playdate (without another mom in toe). He had the best time with his buddy, Charlie.

These three had a swim play date and slumber party while Mom and Dad had a staycation at the Fairmont.

Dads owning the Fairmont pool.

Kicked off summer with homemade strawberry popcicles!

Stars, stripes, strawberry face, and muscles.
This kids loves watermelon more than anything in this world!

Last day of kinder for this girl! What a year... learned to read/spell/give up naps, lost 2 teeth, broke an arm, and performed in 2 plays. All while making lots of new friends at Mathews Elementary.

Eleanor with her 6th Grade Buddy, Lydia.

Sticky, sweaty mess. Love that face.

These two are ready for SUMMER!

Fisher graduates Athena! Mom and Dad get a pay raise!

Fish and his best bud, Charlie. We'll miss that sweet boy!