April 13, 2018

Eleanor Turns SIX!

Our amazing girl turned 6. I feel like our daughter was molded the day she was born - she really has all of the same interests she did as a baby.

: This chick is still obsessed with school - loves everything about it, the learning, the social aspect, the walk to/from, the hot lunch in the cafeteria, etc. All of her report cards have been perfect (all 4s), and her teacher has glowing things to say about her. We couldn't be prouder.

: We have a full blown, confident reader on our hands! It literally just clicked one day (October-ish), and she is hungry to read anything and everything from books, to menus, to street signs. She'll even read chapter books to herself in bed.

: Ellie is going to perform in another play in May - this time The Wizard of Oz. She loved her Annie play in November so much that she asked to do another one. She has two parts again this time - a munchkin and Squeak The Mouse.

: The big recent news is that Eleanor broke her arm the end of February. She fell onto her left arm when playing on the monkey bars at school. While it was traumatic at first, she was a champ. When the school nurse called me, I was surprisingly calm, maybe because I'd broken an arm around that age too? We went to the pediatrician for x-rays, and within seconds we knew it was broken - her ulna, close to her elbow. Then off to the orthopedic doctor for a bright pink cast. 4 weeks with the cast and another 4 weeks of inactivity.

: No more lost teeth, but we're super close to losing #2.

: We're officially done with finger sucking! Eleanor injured her sucking fingers this winter and couldn't suck them for several days. Natural weaning! We celebrated with her first manicure. She's had her toenails painted many times, but I told her she couldn't do manicures until she stopped finger sucking:)

: Eleanor continues to thrive on her artistic creations which are becoming more and more elaborate. Our budding artist's Picasso painting was chosen to display at the district art show - only 25 kids in her school were chosen:)

: Anything in nature is a hit. Flowers, leaves, rocks, trees, etc. Trips to the greenbelt make our outdoorsy girl's day.

Developmental stats:

Height: 44 in (26%)
Weight: 37 lbs (10%)

Poem written by Eleanor and her classmate.

I think the kinder class has been on 10 field trips this year? It's be fun, they've been busy. We visited the Blanton Art Museum, and E was super into it. Notice her intent look here.

Celebrating the 100th day of school

All of the kindergarteners decorated a "float (a shoe box) and paraded through the school.

Celebrating no finger sucking with a manicure.

We visited a nature based art installation at Pease Park... this gal was in her element!

"Mom, I think I see a fossil in here!"

Trifecta all at Pease Park: art, nature, and climbing

Loves her Ryan snuggles

Poor girl. When I picked her up from the school nurse, she'd cried so hard that her eyes were almost swollen shut. The nurse put her in a pretty cool sling though...

Sling remnants taken off for x-rays.

Deemed broken. Driving from the pediatrician's office home, then the orthopedist about an hour later. E was so emotionally tired that she immediately fell asleep in the car with her seatbelt sling.

In and out in about 30 minutes - they have a system!

Gelato to help the boo boo.

Field trip.

Field Day. We even found some activities that Eleanor could participate in. Thankful I had already signed up to volunteer the event because it was an emotional day having to miss out on most of the fun.

Such a trooper!

Another field trip: Austin Nature Science Center

Celebrating her birthday at school. She was over the moon because her teacher gives out birthday pencils on birthdays. Oh, the little things! E's requested birthday snack to share were ginger snap cookies and strawberries.

Eleanor turns SIX!! We started the celebration with lunch out at Toss Pizza.
Life-sized Connect Four was a hit.

Up next: mani/pedi date with Mom and Kiki. She insisted on rainbow nails to go with her rainbow themed birthday party the following day.

My favorite toes on the planet.

Capping off the night with a fancy dinner at Uchi. The kids both tried all kinds of new food, which made us so proud.

Love this sweet, spunky, beautiful girl
We bid on a kid's birthday party at Alamo Drafthouse at a gala auction last year and won. Thus the movie theater party. It was rainbow themed and pajamas were encouraged since it started at the ripe hour of 9:00 am.

On the marquee leading into the theater. 💕
Party favors: reusable popcorn containers, cheese/caramel popcorn from Austin Popcorn, silly straws, and tattoos.
Tasty rainbow cupcakes from Sweetish Hill. Eleanor insisted on combing through Pinterest for rainbow cupcakes. This is what she landed on. So cute.
One happy birthday girl

Yay, Kiki joined in the fun.

Eleanor with Hadley and Lana

Cecilia, Anya, Mila, and Zelda eating breakfast tacos during the previews.

Ruby, Tessa, Fish, and Grant.

Party success! We all had fun and I didn't have to set up or clean up.

After 4 weeks, the cast is OFF!

... and so gross.

Our little geologist. One of her favorite birthday presents was mining for crystals in this kit.

Lunch date with Daddy at school. 
Showing Daddy her class garden

Fun field trip to Laguna Gloria. So grateful I can go to all of the field trips with this crew.

Eleanor with Zelda and Luciana, showing off their artwork.

Oh The Places You'll Go! Eleanor was super excited to read this while waiting at the pediatrician's office for her 6 year well check.

That smile. Love this 6 year old so much.