June 13, 2014

3 Months - Baby Fish

Little Fisher is 3 months! And as with about everything in our lives, I'm a week behind in documenting...

We're FINALLY settling into some sort of a routine with the kids. Read: we get to enjoy in luxuries such as dinner together and adult conversation with 2 sleeping kids. And contractor traffic slowing down also minimizes the stress level in our home.

We have Bama in town this weekend, and we are so so grateful for the extra hands. The kids adore her, and we've managed to keep her busy since she stepped foot in our house. Bama and Nana are tag teaming tomorrow to watch the kids while we venture out for dinner with friends.

The Thomas Circus heads to Kansas City on Wednesday for a whirlwind trip. It's our first travel experience as a family of four, so wish us luck. We're thankful that Nana is traveling with us, so it's 3 on 2. I try to convince myself that the odds are in our favor?? We shall see.

I've gone back to work on a very minimal basis. It's been nice to get out and put my brain to use and engage in conversations with colleagues. I go back to work full time on June 30th, Ellie's first day of school. It will be an eventful week in our house!

Fisher Tidbits:

: It's pretty incredible how much changes at the 3 month mark. A more predictable routine, more engaging baby, less temperamental, and overall just a happier state.

: Brother went through a major growth spurt in the last couple of weeks. There were days when he would eat for 2 hours straight.

: We were officially graced with an 8 hour stretch of sleep, and it was glorious! I'm trying not to get too excited because this trend hasn't exactly been consistent yet. But we're getting there, and that's what's important. It's pretty amazing how happy everyone wakes up in the morning when we've had good sleep.

: Just like his older sister, we have a head rubber. It's mostly when Fisher is sleepy and sucking on his pacifier - he rubs his head with his left hand (you'll see a video below).

: Fisher just started really paying attention to his big sister and will watch her every move. I have an inkling that Sister will completely dominate Brother in the years to come;)

Eleanor Tidbits:

: Our spitfire daughter never ceases to amaze us. She makes us laugh every day (and sometimes cry too because of her intensity). There is absolutely nothing meek about Eleanor, and it's going to be interesting to see her in a school setting in a few weeks.

: When asked her name by a friend or stranger, she replies confidently, "Eleanor Thomas." Formal gal... Full name basis.

: She's started to demand certain attire, mostly "spinning dresses" which are dresses that offer a certain twirling style.

: Eleanor is suddenly interested in who is married to whom. When our friends come over, she'll try to figure out who are couples. How does she understand this, and why is she interested??

: E's imagination is in overdrive. As she was eating a bagel the other day, she took a bite and exclaimed, "Mom, look, it's a fish!" Another couple of bites, and "now, it's (looks like) a crab!" And the game continued with various animals or object until she ate her last bite.

: Anyone who has spent time around me in the last 6 months knows that I can count on 1 hand the number of days that I have worn makeup. I've been either too exhausted or too hormonal and full of tears to worry with makeup. As I was getting ready for work last week, Eleanor was helping me with my makeup. After I applied eyeliner, she says, "OK, now it's time for mascara." What???

: We were outside a few days ago, and she exclaims, "Look at that spider in the sky!" No, Eleanor, that's a mosquito, and we're going inside this minute. Poor girl has a terrible reaction to mosquito bites - literally looks like welts all over her body. She has her daddy's blood. Let's hope Fisher doesn't battle the same issues.

: The other day, Eleanor asks, "Daddy, are you a person?" Huh? Pretty intense concept, little lady.

Courtesy of The Beadles... mustache pacifier.

A little relaxing time during a shopping outing.
Smart snuggler. Little buddy grips my shirt when I'm holding him so that he'll wake up if I try to pry myself away. 

Bathtime is all smiles!

Big girl bed! Eleanor will only read books and snuggle before bed in her new digs, and we're not pushing the big bed quite yet. Keeping the wild girl caged is quite alright with us for the time being...

Where's Ellie?!? She was pretty confident that there was no way Mommy would find her super secret hiding spot.

Lots of smiles from this little buddy lately.


Mastering tummy time.

Mama's boy.

Rock Chalk Buddy

All smiles at the splash pad. Summer has arrived in Austin.

Loving these shorts.

Helen and Chewy lived next door to us and we miss them terribly. Eleanor is obsessed with Chewy Dog, so we invited them over for a play date last weekend. If you weren't in the room with them and were listening in, you'd think that Chewy was a 2 year old boy. The minute Chewy ran inside our new house, Eleanor asks, "Chewy, do you want to see my toys?" Then, "Chewy, let's read a book together." And " I like to snuggle with Chewy." It was precious.

Our resident lizard. Eleanor has named him "Mr. Thomas" and loves his daily visits. Since she can't pronounce her "l's" - it's "Mommy, look at the 'wizard'!"

Fisher loves his Bama!

Bama's here! Lot's of singing, playing, and snuggling.

Walking Bama to one of our favorite neighborhood restaurants for dinner.

I want to bite his cheeks.