March 20, 2015

Spunky Eleanor

Eleanor keeps us on our toes every day. A couple recent examples:

: "Mom, my ear hurts." Concerning with all of the recent ear infections. I asked her what it felt like and she exclaimed, "It sounds like a ladybug is laughing in my ear!" Oh my..

: We often go to Whole Foods to walk around since it's just down the street from our house. We generally grant her a "treat" when we're there - a banana, fruit pouch,  or raisins. When I asked her what she wanted for her treat, she said, " I won't pick wine as my treat, I'll just drink wine when I'm a grownup." Oooops! Clearly she's tuned into our wine intake post (her) bedtime.

This poor girl has been sick more than she's been healthy in the last 3 months. It's been as tough on her as it has been on us - sleepless nights, lots of meds, doctor's appointments, constant snot, etc. We are so ready for Spring!

This was a Valentine's exercise... how typical that she references her love for her brother.

Home with a a double ear infection (3 in 8 weeks)... donut date with Mom.

Just diagnosed with double ear infection... again. She fakes it well.

Helping Daddy stock the bar for brother's birthday party.

Loves Baby Grant

We invested in a bike trailer. Fisher was extremely suspicious, and Eleanor passed out.

A day at the park

Helping Daddy fill the pool - is it Spring yet?

Making valentines for her classmates and teachers

Finished product!

An intro... Eleanor's best friend is Georgia, and her favorite movie is Cinderalla.


My sweet, silly, active Fisher is ONE. The last year was a wild ride... there isn't a day that my baby doesn't surprise me and/or challenge me. He's a Mama's Boy, super energetic, loves the outdoors, and doesn't sit still for one minute. This month has been an emotional one knowing that my baby is no longer a baby. I'm grateful every day that that he's healthy, engaging, and super sweet. I can't believe we're lunging into toddlerhood, again. It seems like just yesterday that we were in the hospital welcoming our son into our lives... he was/is a tough little boy, but I love him more than I can explain. Fish was overly anxious about coming into the world, and that demeanor hasn't stopped yet. Fisher, you are my favorite little buddy. I know you will continue to challenge my sanity, but I love you unconditionally. 

At ONE, my baby boy:

: Loves blowing kisses

: Signs include dog, bird, milk, hat, more, baby, eat, and all done

: Words include Mama, Dada, ball, dog, that ("da")

: Has the best scrunchy face... usually appears when he's ornery, silly, or attempting to get our attention

: Is obsessed with balls and will spot one from a mile away. Thank goodness for March Madness.

: Is incredibly active. I took Fish to My Gym (kids Gymboree type place), and a mother came over to me and said, "Do you know how talented your son is?" I blankly stared at her, and she replied, "I mean, he is the most athletic kid I've ever seen at that age." Well, lady, let's hope that translates to a scholarship in  18 years.

: Will eat just about anything but especially loves avocado, bagels/bread/waffles/any carb, Goldfish, veggies burgers, berries, pasta, but dried mangos and breakfast tacos are the favorites. We weaned him to cow's milk with no problems, although he prefers it to be room temp or a little warm.

: Loves the outdoors. He can be in the worst mood, tired, and teething, but if we take him outside, he's in heaven. Last week, I walked 10 miles with him, and he could have walked another 10.

: Will take a step or two or stand unaided for a few seconds.

One Year Stats:

Height: 29" (24%)
Weight: 21 lbs (20%)
Head: 46 cm (46%)

I literally take bites of him... can't get enough.

Silly boy.

Scrunch face is the best. 
Looks innocent, but he's getting ready to climb the bookshelf.

Again, looks innocent, but trying to escape out of the attic door in his room. 

My buddy.
His hair so defines his wild personality.

Can I bottle this?? 

My little monkey.
Birthday breakfast taco. Poor kid with the pink hand-me-down bib.

Birthday Boy ready to party!
This is our living room 2 hours before our birthday party. 
And our kitchen/living room Real life, folks!
Sugar Mamas Birthday cupcakes: chocolate, vanilla, and carrot cake.
Fish loves Aunt Kiki and Brian!

Our good friends, The Dennises.

Buddy jammin' with Nana.

Our favorite kids' musician, Mr. Walter,  made an appearance. The beginning of the show where kids were still tame.
Our amazing nanny - we couldn't have survived the year without her support and patience.
Fisher loves Mr. Walter.
Sister had a front row seat and performed like the drama queen she is.
Snuggle time with Nana.
Snack time with guests. 
Birthday boy ready for his cupcake!

Sweet boy wanted to share with Mommy.

And Daddy.

Sheer joy!

And it's not a party without a little cake throwing. Thank goodness it missed the custom draperies.

Aunt Sally made a sweet book for Eleanor to capture her brother first year of life. So thoughtful!

Fun with Nana... what a lucky boy to have her nearby!
Sugar high with Kiki!
We miss Daddy when he travels... weekly FaceTime.
This little piggy...
My wild son. Does this face not tell all? Clearly his father's son...
A boy and his ball.