May 30, 2012


Miss Eleanor had a busy week! Turning 2 months, her first road trip to Houston, meeting the Reichles from Nashville, Nana's visit, 2 trips to the swimming pool, brunch with Great Great Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim, a fish fry, and a BBQ. But most importantly, Ellie now takes a bottle!

A late post from her 2 month birthday. What a wild ride it's been...
One of our many middle of the night purchases on in hopes to make our daughter happy. Ellie loves to bounce, and this gem of a purchase has helped Mommy and Daddy's back.
Road trip to Houston to visit Justin and hang out with the Reichles who were also in town from Nashville. You can tell Justin logs in some good time at this hotel when found this waiting for Ellie. Spoiled rotten.
Sloan, 18 months, and Ellie had a little pool party at the hotel. Sloan was intrigued with Ellie and super sweet with her.
Mark and Elisa Dennis hosted a fish fry. There were 10 kiddos there, 5 of which were 3 months and under. Ellie loved the party so much she was up for 10 hours straight. Party girl.
Great Great Aunt Sally and Uncle Jim treated us to a delicious brunch at Olivia, one of our favorite spots.
Nana took such good care of Ellie during her stay!
The Grays had us over for a BBQ. Will Gray, 2 years old, was a great little host and even bounced Ellie in his old bouncy seat. Such a sweet little boy!
Pretty in pink;)
Cool Cat
Boom! After a 6 hour Mexican Standoff with the little lady, we now have a bottle feeder. Couldn't be prouder!

May 22, 2012

2 months!

Our sweet baby girl just turned 2 months... I can't believe how quickly the time has passed. You would think that a sleep deprived mother would think the time had crawled, but that just isn't so (strange, right?).

I took her to her 2 month check up yesterday and was greeted in the doctor's parking lot by this fella, aggressively strutting and shrieking:

At first I thought I was seeing things due to my 3 hours of sleep the night before. Not so. I quickly went from shock to panic and then launched into a momma-bear-protecting-her-cub phase. All I could do was picture this creature pecking Ellie's eyes out as I tried to enter the doctor's office. After a 5 minute standoff (I was the first appointment and only car in the parking lot), I called the doctor's office to let them know I was late due to a peacock blocking the entrance. They giggled and let me know that the peacock lived there and was harmless. How did this nugget of info not come up in our last 2 visits?

As I hung up the phone, a lovely mother in a minivan pulls up and also starts laughing at me. As she approaches the entrance, she says, "This must be your first time seeing the peacock?" She was nice enough to distract the peacock long enough for me to enter the building. And I thought Ellie's shots were going to be the most action I saw yesterday...

Ellie was a trooper with the shots. She cried for about 20 seconds and then was over it. Poor baby then suffered a fever and several vomiting episodes later that day. As painful as it was for her, I think it was more painful for me to see her in pain and not be able to help her.

On a more positive front - Ellie's 2 month stats:

50% in height (22.5 inches)
75% in weight (11.5 lbs)
50% in head circumference (39 cm)

A+ on neck control, A+ on cooing, A+ on muscle tone, A+ on sleeping, A+ on alertness, A+ on breastfeeding, F on bottle feeding

While I would love nothing more than an honor roll infant, she's really throwing off her GPA with her failing the bottle. We have tried everything under the sun, and this little diva just won't take the damn bottle. She thinks she's winning, but we are going to continue the daily dueling of the bottle. Right now, it's Ellie - 1, Parents - 0, but we're bound and determined to win this match.

Some pictures from the last couple of weeks...

Rockin' her first pair of shorts, thanks to Nana
Ellie's been able to roll onto her side since she was about 4 weeks old. So advanced;)
Sleeping Beauty
Snuggle time with Daddy
Papaw came to visit from Kansas City. Ellie loved the extra attention...
First trip to the pool, and she did it in style. We decided that this is definitely an Eleanor (not Ellie) ensemble. Classy gal, with the exception of the right nipple popping out.

May 13, 2012

Lessons I've Learned

Over the past 7 weeks, I've learned a few lessons in motherhood:

: My patience has been tested beyond what I ever thought possible
: I have a new definition of "good" sleep
: I've become a master of stain removal
: I can do many things one handed
: Showers longer than 60 seconds are a treat
: Balanced meals are a rarity (ie my breakfast of tortilla chips and Fresca this morning)
: I'm more concerned with Ellie's wardrobe than my own
: Morning snuggle time with Ellie is my favorite part of the day
: Jim James of MMJ continues to save my arse with "Wonderful," Ellie's favorite lullaby

The biggest lesson I've learned is that motherhood is the most gratifying role of my life. After marrying the love of my life, I never thought I could replicate that unconditional love... Ellie has certainly proved otherwise. My sweet, sweet Ellie - thank you for joining our family and teaching me all that you do! We are officially obsessed with you and look forward to seeing your grow.

Thank you to all of the maternal role models in my life that have paved the way - Mom, Lynn, Grandma Betty, Grandma Pat, Grandma Cini, Great Grandmas Ruth, Jessie, and Helen, and Great Great Grandma Nellie (and of course all of the fabulous aunts!). What an amazing legacy my daughter has in all of you!

Ellie learned to smile this week and hit the ground running! Check out all of the practice she got this week...

And some action shots (excuse my embarrassing commentary):

Game Face
Party Dress in honor of Anthony's birthday shindig
Lots to love;)
My new favorite body part

May 8, 2012


Life is great with Miss Eleanor - how has 6 weeks already flown by?! The little lady is weighing in at 10 1/2 pounds and keeping us busy all day, every day.

Some recent observations:

: We swaddle her at night (aka straight jacket) and put her in her crib at night. Last night, every 3 hours I found her rotated a perfect 90 degrees. Houdini Daughter!

: Ellie is sooooo close to smiling.

: Our daughter stretches like it's her job. Literally, 75% of her day is spent stretching. I'm not sure what she's gearing up for, but whatever it is, she means business.

: My new favorite body part are her arms, complete with 5-7 rolls, depending on her position.

: Ellie looooves being outside! The minute I step outside to make our daily walk to the mailbox, she arches her back, closes her eyes, and looks like she's experiences sheer joy. If only she knew how limited our outdoor time will soon be... thank goodness for our upcoming trip to Chicago to give her some love;)

: We think that Ellie might have some aversion to pork since she's projectile vomited twice this week after I've eaten it. Apparently she didn't get the memo that she's got KC BBQ infatuation in her genes.

We've had a busy couple of weeks. Andy and Essie brought us a delicious brunch, The Hacks hosted a Cinco de Mayo dinner, dinner with the Dennis's (Nora Dennis was born the same day as Ellie), and a super special visit from Maggie Hale, who was in Austin for work. We were also able to spend an afternoon, sans crying/feeding/diaper changes, on South Congress, which included a mid afternoon meal and cocktail at Perla's. We've learned that Ellie sleeps best when she's on the move (stroller, car ride, walks, or any type of social outing).

Sleeping beauty, snuggling in Mom and Dad's bed
Our baby, the Ultimate Stretcher
Sunny Saturday + Favorite South Congress Patio + Sleeping Baby = Parental Bliss
Our little senorita in her Cindo de Mayo gear
All smiles at a Cinco de Mayo dinner, pre-projectile vomiting from the little lady.
Aunt Maggie came to visit! We couldn't resist a picture next to the famous "Family Portrait." As you can see, Ellie's expression is pure embarrassment. Oh Ellie, you have no idea just how much your father will completely humiliate you in the years to come...

Position I leave Ellie in when I put her to bed
Position I find Ellie in several hours after I leave her. How does she do it without breaking out of the swaddle? That's talent, I tell you. 

A little video of Eleanor during her playtime on her mat. Please excuse my commentary and amateur videography...