March 31, 2012

Ellie, Week 1

What a week it's been for us! We are enjoying every minute of parenthood... while we have had our ups and downs, our ups far outweigh our downs, so we consider ourselves lucky. What I would give for our daughter to be able to tell us exactly what she needs.

Ellie has had quite the eventful week with lots of visitors, her first pediatrician's visit, a lunch outing, a breakfast outing, 2 KU basketball games, and a stretch of 6 hours of consecutive sleep. Whew, we've been busy!

Here are some pictures to capture our first week with Ellie... As I started to upload pictures, I realized that I'm one of "those" parents with the excessive pictures. I just can't seem to whittle them down to just a few;(

Thomas, Family of 3
Mom and Ellie having a chat...
Dad and Ellie having a chat...
The Hacks came to visit and were nice enough to bring food to the hospital. Auntie Meghan also surprised us with flowers in nearly every room of our house upon our return from the hospital. How lucky we are to have such amazing friends!
Uncle Brian is a natural!
The Greagers also came to visit us and came bearing P Terry's. Meredith and Jason are expecting a baby girl in July - we can hardly wait to meet their bundle of joy.

Ellie's first KU game. Daddy made sure to clear a path for pacing in the hospital room.
Steven and Cameron Johnson came to visit after the KU game. Cameron came decked out in her KU cheerleading gear complete with a pearl necklace. Such classy fans;)
Welcome Home Ellie!

Bama and Grandpa drove all the way from Alabama to meet their 2nd granddaughter. It was love at first sight;)
I think Grandpa will agree that Ellie is the best snuggler...
First pediatrician's visit: We're skeptical that Ellie is ours with her height in the 75th percentile (weight 50th). She was a champ and didn't cry the entire visit.
After comparing baby pictures, the verdict is in - Ellie is identical to me (Sarah) as a newborn.
Snoozing away, cheeks, chins, and all.
Andy & Essie came for a visit. Andy is pretending to look disgusted with me but deep down, he thinks I'm a keeper.
The picture of comfort - letting it all hang out in Essie's lap. I think Ellie enjoyed the extra lap space that Essie offers compared to her parents...
Nana arrived from KC a few hours ago... We had a spa day with Ellie's first sponge bath;)

March 24, 2012

Thomas, Party of 3

Our precious baby girl joined our family this morning at 3:46 am! Eleanor "Ellie" Jane Thomas weighed in at 7 lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. We were able to cheer on the Jayhawks in the middle of labor, thanks to the miracle of epidurals. More info to come, but here are some pics from the big day.

A huge thanks to everyone for the support, emails, phone calls, well wishes. We are so incredibly blessed to be Ellie's parents. She is a fighter and super chill baby so far... looking forward to friends and family meeting her soon!

Mommy loves epidurals. Watching the Jayhawks in action... great pre-birthday activity
After thanking Ellie for letting us watch the game, we quickly got acquainted. We were amazed at how alert she was!
Chubby cheeks + double chin + arm/leg/back rolls = Lots to love
Proud Papa
Thomas, Party of 3... so in love!
We love our daughter, even with her rat tail. We have no idea where all of this dark hair came from!
Sleeping Beauty
E is for Eleanor;)

March 19, 2012

March Madness

We are now 9 days out from our daughter's official due date. At our 39 week doctor's visit this morning, we learned that I have not progressed in the last week. I'm not all that worried about it as I could go into labor as I'm typing this;)

We had a great week last week full of work, baby prep, and play. With SXSW here in Austin and March Madness in full throttle, we were a little overstimulated. Nevertheless, it was a great way to spend some of our last days together as a family of two.

Friday Lineup: Work : SXSW : Basketball

SXSW - heading to South Congress for music, amazing people watching, and walking the baby to her birthday
Frontgate show with the Hacks. Free booze for the non-pregos and a somewhat respective Port-o-potty for me. 

Shifting gears - we headed home from SXSW to cheer on our Jayhawks. Notice 3 games running at 1 time. Technology at it's best.        

Saturday Lineup: Work : More SXSW : Even More Basketball 

Our neighbor, Brian, is in a band, The Governors. We went to his show at Highball... great to see him in action. Here is his lovely wife, Allison, and precious daughter, Audrey.
While I held the couch down Saturday afternoon, Justin attended (VIP style) the San Jose SXSW show. Free booze and celebrity sighting, Bill Murray (here in blue)

Sunday Lineup: Walk to the local coffee shop : Baby prep : More basketball

On our walk, we had some great bluebonnet sightings. The flowers are beautiful since we've had so much rain lately.

Sidewalk graffiti is pretty violent in our neighborhood...
Wood fired coffee makes for a perfect start to our Sunday
...So do breakfast tacos and donuts. Breakfast of pregnant champions.
Signage at the coffee shop. Wonder what would happen without the accompanying visual...
In the spirit of music festivals, Justin thought it was only appropriate to start the lullaby collection...
38.5 Weeks - Belly now serves as a sturdy shelf for our daughter's future playmate/neighbor, Audrey

March 14, 2012

T-2 Weeks

We went in for our 38 week visit, and it appears as though our daughter is nice and comfortable in-utero. (And by comfortable, I mean kicking and punching me 882x/day.) In the meantime, life goes on while we wait for her birthday... work, house chores, baby paraphernalia shopping, cleaning, more cleaning, etc.

Goals for this week:

: Get creative with my wardrobe - I've officially grown out of all my maternity shirts and refuse to buy any more clothes. So if you see me wandering around Austin in a robe or the same 3 dresses, don't make fun:)

: Crank on work - The community I've been working on for 2 years starts to move homeowners in in 9 days... perfect timing.

Walk - Well, it's more of a waddle, but I do my best. Trying to help gravity do it's magic.

: SXSWing & Rock Chalking - We're going to spend Friday distracting ourselves with SXSW shows and cheering on our beloved Jayhawks. Austin in March is the BEST!

Stay tuned! We can't wait to introduce our daughter to our friends and family...

38 weeks

March 5, 2012

Home Stretch

We are officially on the home stretch... T-3 weeks. It's hard to believe our family is going to soon grow by 33%. Judging from all of the baby paraphernalia that surrounds us, it's going to feel like 150% after the big birthday.

In the last week, we took a Child/Infant CPR class as well as a Childbirthing class. Both were about as exciting as we thought they'd be, but we feel better that we faced the challenge.

I'm now going to the doctor weekly. So far, our daughter has shown us that she's quite comfortable in the womb (aside from her constant kicks and jabs). Although our daughter is nice and cozy, I've officially entered the "I'd-rather-not-be-pregnant-anymore" phase. From growing out of all of my maternity clothes to getting 30 minutes of sleep at a time, I think I'm officially ready for our daughter's big debut;)

March in Austin is the BEST - beautiful weather and great energy

36.5 weeks