August 22, 2016

9 Thomases, 1 House = July 4th Fun!

The Pensacola Crew (Bama, Papa, Uncle Nick, Aunt Jane, and James) trekked to Austin via car to spend the 4th with us... what a fun weekend! Seeing Fish and James in action together was so sweet - ALL boy, so a weekend full of trucks, loud energy, fast running, and big appetites. Eleanor was a great older sibling/cousin and humored the monkeys all weekend.

We spent lots of time at our pool, hit up the greenbelt, and Bama and Papa were nice enough to take over Saturday night so that the parents could sneak out for an adult dinner at Uchi.

Trucks and Food

Cousin Buns
Beating the heat with popcicles
Fisher had a slumber party on a blow up mattress in sister's room and LOVED it. So, we took that as a signal that it's time for a big boy bed. Tear, tear. It's officially ordered and coming in the next couple of weeks. Where did our baby go?!?
Big harvest for this little farmer. We grew so many cucumbers this summer that we couldn't keep up. We made pickles, cucumber water, cold pasta salad, traditional salad... we'll definitely plant again next spring.

Busy weekend called for couch snuggle time.
Crafting with Bama
Greenbelt was a HIT
One of Ellie's favorite people ever.
Bama and her boys
Proud of her rock stack

Nothing better than fried chicken on the 4th!

The Thomas men have this uncanny ability to sleep whenever, wherever. What I would give for this talent.

Cheers to Parents' Night Out!
Nap time buddies.