July 13, 2015

Growing up WAY too fast


So lately, Eleanor has been hell bent on focusing on growing up and everything she'll do when she's bigger (have a baby in her tummy, pluck her eyebrows and it won't hurt, cross the street without mommy, ditch her floaty in the swimming pool, let brother sleep in her bed, paint her own nails - among other things). She constantly reminds me of how quickly this all happens.

I really don't know where our daughter (3 YEARS OLD) learns half of the stuff she does. Nearly every day, she says something that a full grown adult with a lifetime of experiences under their belt says. Such as:

: As I was getting the kids ready for bathtime, the bath curtain and bar fell down. I threw them in the tub and then attempted to re-install the bar and curtain but to no avail. With a big sigh of defeat, Eleanor, says, "Well, so much for that."

: Not knowing that we were listening, Eleanor and Fisher were quietly playing with each other. Eleanor gently takes Fishers face in her hands, and whispers, "Hello there, Handsome Fella!"

: I explained to Eleanor, "We're going to venture out to Round Rock to have a play date with a new friend. Her name is Morgan, and she's almost 3, just like you. And she also has a little brother." Her response, "Hey, what do you know?!"

: As Ellie was trying to buckle part of her car seat on her own and was struggling, she looks at me and says, "Ah, it's no use."

In other Eleanor news, we took her to her first movie in the movie theater. I'm not sure who had more fun - me and Justin or Eleanor. We saw Inside Out, an amazing Pixar movie. I won't give any spoilers... just go and see it. Appealing to kids and very thought provoking for parents/adults.

Our sweet girl is performing well at swim class and able to swim under water for 7-8 seconds. She would probably live in our pool if we let her. Totally in love with swimming.


Our little buddy has REALLY blossomed in the last month. He's communicating more, mostly in grunts, but he's trying to mock words more now. And when we ask him a yes or no question, he (with conviction) nods yes or no. It's been really helpful to know that he understands us more now.

Fisher continues to eat all day every day and never stops moving. He is our little music buff, constantly listening for a beat. He can now go up and down the slide by himself and loves every moment. He's also obsessed with oral hygiene, just like his sister at that age. Fisher carries a toothbrush around and dabbles with teeth brushing.

Another big milestone is that Fisher finally decided to bond with Daddy. It's a relief for me because I don't have to be constantly be attached at the hip, and obviously Justin revels in his new side kick. They watch sports together, go for bike rides, swim... such a novel relationship, this Father/Son thing!

Eleanor's last day of school was June 30th, so she's officially home for the summer. We've had fun getting out as a threesome during the week - parks, lunches out, gym, playdates with friends, etc. I've noticed that since she's been home more, she and Fisher actually play together (as in nicely, quietly, and civilly). Most instances, it's not for long, but I'll take what I can get!

In family news, we're headed to Grand Lake to visit Grammy and Papa Jack this week. We're lucky enough that Nana will make the trip for us, giving us a much needed 3rd set of hand/eyes/ears on our journey there.

Happy Father's Day to one of the best! Dad and kids in his new lawn chair;)

Then jungle gym time.

Father's Day continues with a family bike ride to get popsicles!

And one of Fisher's new fave actvities - riding the stairless escalator at Whole Foods.

Fisher putting the moves on his buddy, Grant.

Eleanor and I had a play date with our favorite pup, Chewy, and his mom, Helen (our old neighbors).

Normally, Fisher finds a way to garner battle wounds all on his own. But this is actually a bite mark from another kiddo at the kid's gym. I was SO angry that I could have spanked that kid. Poor Fisher was a trooper.

Cousin Taylor comes to visit!

Walk on the trail

Fish loved Taylor - she has a knack for kids, being the oldest of 5.

Movie star.

Fisher doing some light "gardening" at Nana's house.

Buddy loves Kiki!

and bike rides with Daddy.

Eleanor's first (school) friend play date with Georgia and Maeve. The girls had a blast - these three were best buds this past year. We'll miss them at our new school.

Bros who lunch.

Who wants more pastries? We do!

Morning train ride at Zilker

"Mom, this is my worried face."

4th of July bike ride and picnic.

Hope he keeps up this obsession and we forego cavities and orthodontia;)

Ellie/Daddy special morning started with a bike ride.

Then the Botanical Gardens

Friendly do-rag dance off!

Sunday Stroll to get breakfast and coffee

Doing some "work"

Slightly missed, Fish.

Where's your belly?

1st movie! Hadley Greager and her parents joined us...

Thumbs up!

How many bruises, cuts and scrapes can you spot?

Enraptured by a movie.

We tested out Gemelli's new gelato pops. Kid approved!

Loves to pretend to put on deodorant - monkey see, monkey do!

Pool party with The Dennises. Eleanor and Nora jumped in no fewer than 100x.

Fisher and Lila were a bit more chill.