August 18, 2014

5 Month Fish

Our baby boy is 5 months! He is a MOVER! In the past month, he's accomplished:

: Solids! Sweet potatoes, carrots, apples, pears, bananas, and squash. Brother loves big boy food and squeals as he launches himself forward anticipating the next bite.

: Fisher went from log rolling to inch worming to army crawling in a matter of weeks. He's sooooo close to sitting up on his own too. I have a feeling we'll have an early walker as he's determined to keep up with his very busy sister.

: Brother has never been a great sleeper. He cat naps throughout the day. He managed to get into a routine for a few nights where he only woke up once a night, but that was short lived. We determined he wasn't getting enough to eat from me, so we amped up the solid foods and started supplementing with a little formula. So far that's seemed to do the trick.

: Our son is such a happy boy. I never would have guessed he would have ended up where he is after his very rough start. It seems as though he's growing out of his acid reflux issues, and we've been able to cut his medication in half.

: Buddy LOVES the Bjiorn. He can be exhausted or famished, and he is a happy boy if he's strapped into a human. We often joke that our Mama's Boy would probably crawl back up inside me if he could;)

: It is the most precious thing - Fisher adores his sister and will practically break his neck trying follow her voice or movements.

: Bathtime is the best! Fisher is now able to bathe with Eleanor, and he loves it! He could sit in the water for hours and just relax (or kick like a maniac). The fact that both kiddos can bathe at the same time = two birds, one stone for parents;)

In Eleanor news:

: Sister started taking showers with Mommy. Her first reaction was, "Mommy, it's just like a splash pad!" She insisted on shaving her legs like me until I told her shaving was only for grown ups.

: E's imagination never ceases to amaze us. A couple of examples:

... A couple of weeks ago, Eleanor was serving me and Justin coffee from her play kitchen. She even asks if we want milk with our coffee (she's clearly a Thomas with the coffee obsession). We were short on cups, so I had a cup, and E had a cup. Justin asked if he could have a sip of Eleanor's coffee. She handed over her cup, and Justin took a (pretend) sip. She quickly exclaims, "Daddy, you drank all my coffee!"

... The other night, I asked Eleanor to join me in her big girl bed to read books. She says, "Mom, there's a big dinosaur up there, we have to read on the rug."

: It's not all rainbows and sunshine. We've had to instill timeouts in the last couple of weeks. Eleanor has definitely been testing the limits, and we've slowly learned that we need to show authority and teach consequences. We have a very determined, hard headed daughter... she tests our patience on a daily basis.

Such a happy boy!

Mouthful of fists and feet these days.

Snuggly Sunday with Daddy

Not exactly cooperating for a pic with Nana, who has been our saving grace lately.


What Mommy sometimes has to resort to when Daddy travels - a little screen time in our bed.

Thomas Boys

Sweet potatoes and feet - yum.

We haven't broken down and bought a double stroller, so here's our rigged getup in the meantime...

Eleanor on her ritual Sunday Bike Ride with Daddy. She LOVES it, and rides around town waving to people and shouting, "Hi Friends! I'm Ellie!"

Super Dad

Super Nanny. Eleanor really misses her time with Laura.

Fisher+Ellie coffee date

Mommy's little helper making Fisher's food. 

E sporting her new t-shirt from Aunt Kiki 
Feeding the goats at the Austin Zoo

Zoo birthday party (Hadley Greager) AND cupcakes - what a Saturday!

She wanted a spoon for her icing.

Triple decker stroller with our best buddy, Audrey.

Silly Boy

It appears that our bathing beauty is modest. Not so much.

"Wait, what's this? A STICKER?"

"Huh, how quickly can I get this in my mouth?"



In house news:

: Pool construction has FINALLY started! We hope to have everything complete by mid-September as we're hosting a baby shower the end of September. After 4 months of fighting with the City of Austin, we received our permits a few weeks ago and pretty much hit the ground running. Hopefully that continues as we want to eek a few dips in before it turns cool.

We were hanging out in our living room a couple of weeks ago, and looked outside to find these gents ripping up our irrigation to prep for excavation. And so it began...

They had to take down our fence to make room for the excavator/front loader.

And rip out our community's rain garden to make room for the excavator.

Digging begins


Forming begins

And then steel/rebar. All of this happened in a matter of about a week. Pretty impressive.