December 19, 2012

Hi Dada!

Sorry for the hiatus... in full disclosure, I haven't been great at capturing material (pics/video) lately, and to top it off, I've been basically bed-ridden with a terrible cold/sinus infection for 8 (yes 8) days now. I'm about to lose my mind! Justin has basically been a single parent/SuperDad this week while I've been quarantined to our bedroom. We hope that it pays off by Ellie not catching this beast of a bug.

News since last post:

: A couple of weeks ago, Ellie started saying "Hi!" It's a high pitched, two syllable hi. Then, last week, Justin went in to get her from her crib when she woke up, and she proudly said, "Hi, Dada!" We were shocked. The fact that she's learning to communicate (other than grunting, moaning, and squealing) is amazing to us.

: For the past 6 weeks or so, all Ellie wants to do is walk, as we're hunched over her, holding her hands. Since this is less than appealing to our aching backs, we decided to buy Ellie a walker. Apparently, she would much rather us strain ourselves than walk with her new toy.

: Ellie continues to enjoy swim and music class. Other favorite activities are going to the grocery store and the hike and bike trail. Justin took Ellie to the grocery store solo for the first time last week since I am sick. Clearly he wasn't prepared for the amount of attention that he received. Since our daughter loves to ham it up with just about anyone who will give her the time of day, fellow grocery shoppers literally stopped in their tracks to dote on our daughter. If only they could see her little tantrums to realize it's not all rainbows and sunshine...

: Ellie also knows to wave when you say hi/hello and bye bye.

: We introduced finger foods this past week. So far, cheese seems to be her favorite... like mother, like daughter.

: We brush Ellie's teeth and gums after her bath and before bed every night (or every night that we remember), and she is obsessed with it. Let's hope this sticks so that we can avoid a mouthful of cavities in the future.

: We had Ellie's 9 month check up on Monday. Our wee one had these stats - if her pattern continues, she'll be in single digit percentiles at her 1-year checkup...:
  * 26" - 10%
  * 16.7 lbs - 16%
  * Forgot the head measurements, but it was in the 70%

: This party of 3 embarks on a 9 day holiday travel "adventure" on Friday. First stop, KC, where we have about 82 people to visit. Then, onto Chicago to celebrate the holidays with Justin's family. Needless to say, Justin and I already have a sitter lined up for when we return. Something tells me we're really going to need a parents day out to recover from this one...

In other news, we have officially hit the 10,000+ visitor mark on our blog. Who knew that this silly little blog would spark so much interest (although I'm sure half of those visits are from Nana, Bama, and Grammy). I initially started the blog to include family and friends on pregnancy updates. Because most of our family and friends live outside Austin, it was simply too difficult to email and call people on an individual basis. Now that Ellie has joined our family, it's been a great way to keep everyone up to date on Ellie's development.

We hope every has a very Merry Christmas and Happy/Healthy 2013!

We thought we outsmarted Ellie by getting a mini-tree and placing on a ledge up high. If it's plugged in, we find her chewing on the tag on the cord.

Yes, it's warm enough in Austin for Ellie to get giant mosquito bites...

Two of her faves - Daddy's hat and dried mango.
Yay! Thanks to Grandma Pat, The Thomases all have matching stockings made with love.
New wheels and early Christmas present from the Parentals. Now, if only she would USE it, instead of us.
Ellie & Nora holding hands at music class. Could it get any sweeter? Note that this is one of the rare moments she actually sat still in the 4 weeks of class...
One of Ellie's favorite chew toys, a baster... courtesy of Aunt Cathy.


Ellie refuses to use the aforementioned walker. Refusal = aches/pains for us. KC/Chicago Friends & Family, prepare yourself to be put into the "walking" rotation...

Ellie at music class. If she's not making her way around the circle greeting people, she's doing this...

Swim class action - 2 second submersion...

Does anyone find it strange that our daughter is unfazed by Daddy's various costumes? It's like she already knows that this is "normal" for our family...

December 2, 2012

Social Butterfly

Eleanor's intensely social personality is becoming more and more apparent every day. She ADORES being surrounded by kids and the outdoors; needs constant change of scenery; attacks everything with pure determination; insists on non-stop action. Do you think she's her father's daughter?!

A couple of firsts for Ellie this week...

We are members of the Dell's Children's Museum, and our nanny, Laura, took her this week. Ellie was in heaven. She was the life of the party, and apparently, everyone knew "Ellie the Explorer" by the time they left. We had to see this for ourselves this weekend, so Justin and I ventured out with her yesterday. As you can imagine a Saturday at a kid's museum, it was sheer madness, and Ellie wouldn't have it any other way. She managed to make friends with every kid in the infant section while also peering over the partition to talk to the big kids on the other side. 

Ellie attended her first music class this week. We're testing out a 4 week "Seasonal Songs" class before fully committing to a 10-week class. There are about 12-15 kids enrolled in the class ranging from Ellie's age (her being the youngest) to about 4 years old. Basically, we all sit in a circle while the teacher leads us through holiday songs along with maracas, jingle bells, drums, chiffon scarves, etc. For the most part, all of the kids nicely sit in a circle with their mothers or nannies while the teacher sits in the middle. That is, all kids BUT Ellie. Ellie had to make the rounds to connect with every single child and then sit in the center of the circle all smiles, wildly flapping her arms. Let's just say, it was a real treat trying to get her to leave...

The weather here has been beautiful... 80s and sunny. So, we've hit the hike and bike trail, the park, and logged in some time on the new swing in our backyard. While I love the warm weather, I'm sort of ready to wear sweaters! 

Loving the grass at the park

Feeding the ducks on Town Lake

New swing thank to Papaw's installation help.

Pure joy at the Children's Museum

Lunch al fresco - 83 degrees the last day in November

Ellie in the Christmas spirit with Papaw while Justin and I decorated our mini tree (we didn't dare get a  normal sized tree with Ellie on the move).

6 month portrait of Eleanor courtesy of my Great Aunt Sally. Not only is it amazing that a 75-year-old sketched this beautiful work of art, but even more incredible that she just started sketching THIS year. I forgot to capture a photo of Aunt Sally and Ellie in my shock and awe after receiving this;(

Ellie makes the daily walk to the mailbox with me. Instead of immediately recycling the stack of weekly coupons, I thought I'd let Ellie have a whirl with them. This entertained her for an hour. Literally.

Our very particular daughter insists on fruits and veggies being mixed (not so keen on eating straight veggies). Well, I ran out of fruit, so I attempted to go straight sweet potatoes, and here was the reaction:

A living room full of toys, and here is what captivated Eleanor...

Music class... couldn't really get a good video because I was chasing Ellie around the room for the entire 45 minute class.