June 14, 2015

Summer Fun

Well summer is officially here in Austin... sticky mornings in the 90s and AC and swimming pools are the only way to go during the day. But, we welcome that after 2 month straight of rain. It was pretty crazy how much rain we saw, and the flooding in the surrounding areas was just devastating.

We've had a fun month, and I'm fully embracing sabbatical life. I love being able to spend more time with the kids and finally tackle dozens of little house projects that have been on my to do list since we moved over a year ago. It's amazing how much energy I have now and how little stress I carry.

We start Fisher is the summer session of music class, and for the first time, I'm doing the 10:30 am class versus our 3 years of doing 4:00. It's a nice change because I've been able to meet and connect some other stay at home moms.

We started swim lessons last week, and the kids hit the ground running. We were doing private lessons in our pool, but we literally had to cancel 6 weeks in a row because of the rain. So, we decided to go back to Emler, the indoor school that Eleanor attended as a baby. I think the group setting will be good for both of them.


: 15 month stats: (I'm not sure how his weight is so low with him constantly eating.)

Height: 30.75" (25%)
Weight: 22 lbs (10%)
Head: 47.5 (50%)

: As you will see below, Fisher is obsessed with music, any button/knob, eating, and our kitchen sink.

: His biggest obsession may just be me. Which is cute, but more annoying than cute right now - SUCH a mama's boy, and cries whenever I'm more than arms' distance from him. I'm sure I'll miss this stage in about 15 years when he's never around;)

: Fisher has 6 teeth now, and will literally eat anything we put in front of him.

: Buddy had his first haircut in May, so the mullet is officially gone! He looks more like a little boy versus a baby now, which is a little sad. But his cut is adorable.


: Eleanor's 3 year stats:

Height: 36.25" (24%)
Weight: 27 lbx (12%)

: Eleanor's imagination is in overdrive... she loves to make up songs and stories.

: She has 2 more weeks at her current school before we take her out for a couple of months before starting her new school at the end of August. So, July and August will be full of family field trips and traveling.

: Sister has become quite the picky eater, and rarely eats at all. I resorted to giving her whole milk again so that she can get some fat on her skinny bones. Her newest food phase is corn on the cob and would probably eat it at every meal if we let her.

: Eleanor learned to buckle her own sandals and is so proud of herself.

Our good friends and old Villa Court neighbors, The Beadles, came to visit in May from Longview, TX, and we had a blast. Eleanor was in heaven having her BFF for 4 days straight.

Bathing beauty

BFF Audrey in town... lots of fun had between these two gals.

Pistachio gelato in a cone. Life doesn't get any better.

Daddy junglegym

So much rain in Austin that the flowers are taller than Eleanor!

One of the last pics where Fish's hair doesn't stick up on top. I miss that;(

Stalker mom strikes again - love pics of them sleeping.

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Pool party fun

Stopped in to play ball with dad during his office day.

Yogurt Face

Sister put together her first Lego set

New 'do

Fisher putting the moves on our friend Juliet at a children's museum playdate.

My lunch date

Buddy making friends at our neighborhood coffee shop.

Fun in the pool

Mommy/Ellie lunch date after her new school orientation. She exclaimed, "Mom, it's like a tunnel... isn't that wonderful??"

Fisher eating from the kitchen sink, his new favorite place to be.

Fisher/Grant bubble bath in the sink

Playdate with our favorite furry friend, Chewy, and Helen

NBD, just a little corn on the cob eatin' in the sink.

Flooded pool during Memorial Day storms.

With all of the rain, we had very limited outdoor time April and May. So, we decided to throw the kids in the car for a ride in the rain (and so that we could drink an uninterrupted cup of coffee while they were harnessed in).

What else do you do to pass the time during the constant rain? Take kids to shop for booze!