January 12, 2017


We really packed a December full of fun things: 

:: The San Antonio Zoo

:: Light Show at Mozart's

:: A weekend trip to Houston to accompany Justin on a work trip

:: Fisher's Tots graduation 

:: The dentist (first for Fish)

:: Cookie delivery to Justin's clients

:: Santa visit at the mall

:: Christmas Eve's Eve's Carnival

:: And our first looong road trip as a fam to Pensacola

:: Greenbelt outing

:: Austin Bouldering Project outing

December flew by, mostly because we had a packed social calendar. The holidays were super fun - our kids are at the perfect age to really get in the spirit of things. Fisher is still pretty aloof with the whole Christmas hoopla and presents, and Eleanor is just starting to get into it. We could have wrapped up their existing toys, and they would have been overjoyed. But, of our we (and all family members) got carried away and spoiled our kids rotten.

We were a little anxious/worried about our road trip to Pensacola, but it was actually bearable (and dare I say fun?). The kids were well behaved and we really didn't have to resort to iPads much at all. The most exciting part for the kids was staying at a hotel for the first time. They were floored when they walked into the lobby and said, "What IS this place?" We normally rent condos or houses for our vacations, so this was a new concept for them. We arrived into New Orleans Christmas night to settle in and watch the Chief's game. We thought it would be fun to order room service. When Justin finished ordering our dinner, he hung up, and Eleanor said, "What was THAT?!?" Justin replies, "Oh, how cool is that? They're going to bring us food right to our room." Eleanor, says, "No, what is THAT? (pointing to the landline phone)" Ha! We forget what a different world our children are growing up in - they only know cell phones as "phones." 

Pensacola was fun, especially seeing all of the kiddos/cousins together again. Bama and Papa are such wonderful hosts, so we were well fed and entertained the entire time.

We stopped for the night in Baton Rouge on the way back home, and our return to Austin went smoothly. It was nice to be back home and settle in for a couple of days before getting back to the daily grind.

Fisher joined Eleanor as a classmate upon returning to school! He handled the transition like a champ. And Eleanor has been a great sister and mentor for him. Fisher was one of three new kids in the class. I was a little nervous about Fisher's acclimation to the bathroom situation because he was used to a particular (former) teacher wiping him. When I put him to bed after his first day in the new class, I nonchalantly asked him if he pooped at school. He quickly said, "Yes!" I asked which of his teachers wiped him, and he said, "No teachers wiped me." Oh boy... you didn't wipe?!? Then he says, "Eleanor wiped me." Huh? That can't be right. I then I asked Eleanor to confirm this, and she says, "Yeah, I wiped him. He needed help, and there wasn't a teacher nearby." Needless to say, I couldn't stop laughing. We've taken toddler sibling-hood to a whole new level!

All in all, we're having a great time with the kids. They're at such fun ages where we can do things together where ALL four of us can enjoy ourselves. I can leave their sides without having to worry that they're going to hurt themselves (or each other).

Fisher Tidbits:

Fisher has turned into such a silly, wild, sweet boy. He's constantly moving, eating, or playing with some sort of race car. It's so nice that Fisher can articulate his needs now. Every day I'm blown away at how much he's a Mini Justin.

Eleanor Tidbits:

Eleanor continues to love her arts and crafts and creating new things. She got an activity table for her room for Christmas, and she loves her new space to create without Brother in her way. Sister also continues her love of climbing. I'm in denial that my sweet girl starts kindergarden next year! 

Super cool light show at Mozart's Coffee Shop.

Carousel at the San Antonio Zoo

Playdate with Madeline.


Houston Children's Museum

Licking a sugary breakfast off their faces in Houston.

Aquarium with these handsome fellas.
She looks so old here! Grabbing a lunch break while helping Kiki at her Christmas Bazaar.

Fisher Thomas graduates. Oh man, this was a tearful ceremony... not because Fisher is changing classes, but because we're leaving such a special teacher, Ms. Nichole. She was Fisher's best friend for the last year, and she was instrumental in helping me through parenthood.

Then onto Ellie's class singalong.

Mini Golf in December - love Austin weather!


First time and he was a champ.
Daddy's helper to deliver semi-homemade cookies to clients.
Now Sister's turn to help Daddy with the cookie deliveries...
Eleanor's best friend, Lana, came over for a playdate.

Blurry Trail of Lights picture.

More carouseling
Three kids on a cannon!

Kids first car wash experience - they were pretty amazed.
After a dinner at Salt Lick in Round Rock to celebrate Uncle Jim's 80th birthday, we stumbled upon a pop up carnival. The kids had the TIME OF THEIR LIVES! How fitting is the Carnival name?!?
Roller coaster girls!
Blurry but super fun mega slide.

Daddy's stomach couldn't handle this one, so we showed the boys how it's done.
Fisher wasn't tall enough for some of the ride, so here he is waiting for Sister.
Sleepy boy, trying to wake up on for the Christmas Eve night's festivities... I took advantage of the very rare still/snuggly moment with this buddy. The holidays are exhausting!
Brian's mom, Cheri, joined us this year;)
One of Fisher's favorite presents... a race car track.

Ready for the roadtrip!
Cheers to sleeping toddlers.

Room service and a show!
Fisher livin' it up in NOLA - double fisting!
Breakfast in New Orleans.

Cousins reunited
There's no shortage of sweets at Bama's house for Christmas.
Walter and Dixie were the novelties, as usual.
Breakfast with James and Uncle Nick.

Lunch on Pensacola Beach.
Papa has some serious fort making abilities.
Perfect park weather

Fisher ate his body weight in gulf shrimp.
We shipped Jack Stack to Pensacola - it never disappoints. 
Snuggles with James

Beach time! Warm weather, COLD water.

Wild Thomas!

Uncle Nick "planted" some incredible shells from his home collection. The girls found these and knew they hit the jackpot!
Fish showing off his beach muscles.

Not all photos are welcome by these guys.
Silly boys playing with cars (nonstop)
Merry-go-round action
Montage of cousins in PJs. Notice our ham of a son in each pic.

Bama ironing one of many pearler bead creations.
Fisher checking out the new school playground equipment.
Fisher joins Primary 1!
Greenbelt swimming on NEW YEAR'S DAY.
Bubbles for moms, formula for Louie.
Ellie showing off her prized new shell from Laura. And cheering on the Chiefs.

Daddy got to see Ellie in action at gymnastics.
Dueling mustaches.
It quickly went from 70s weather to 20s weather. Hats for ALL!
Austin Bouldering Project newbie in action.

Great new spot on the east side.