February 28, 2016

On the Go

January and February were full of travels for the Thomas Crew.

Justin and I ventured east for our annual NYC trip in mid January - Justin was there for the week for his sales meeting, and I met him for a long weekend. We had a great time exploring NYC and catching up with my good friend, Meredith Imber and her family.

Next up, KC with the kids. The initial reason for the trip was to visit my dear friend, Erin, and her newborn, James. But, of course we can't go to KC without constantly scurrying around the city to visit various family and friends. We had a great time, but it was exhausting with two sick kids. The keep us on our toes, we headed to Minute Clinic on the way to the airport before heading back to Austin. Sure enough, Little Miss had an ear infection.

And then Puerto Rico for Clark and Kelli's wedding. Thanks to Laura, Nana, Bama and Kiki holding down the Thomas Fort in Austin...It really DOES take a village! Justin and I had a blast catching up with old friends and making new friends. But we came back pooped/partied out, and then proceeded 3 weeks of various Thomas members getting sick. No fun, makes you appreciate healthy moments.

We're looking forward to Spring in Austin. March full of birthdays, SXSW, basketball tourneys, and Easter.


: This fella's vocabulary and verbal skills have skyrocketed in the last month. He says full sentences "Mama, I did it!" is very in tune with possessives "Mama's ring, Daddy's ring." He's also intrigued with colors and counting.

: He's also much better at sharing/taking turns. The "Miiiiiiiiiiine" phase is being phased out. Thank goodness...

: Everything Fisher does is aggressive. He's can't just walk down the sidewalk, he has to agressively skip and catapult himself off any step/ledge in sight. If he listens to music, it has to be LOUD. If he eats, he EATS (he recently ate 3 bananas right before eating a full dinner).

: It took Fisher a good 3 weeks to not cry when I dropped him off at school. Now, he's a total pro. He now talks proudly about his friends and activities at school.

: Fish turned a corner in the last few months and now adores Justin. Up until recently, he was a total Mama's Boy (and still is sometimes). But now, he asks for Justin and now allows Daddy to put him to bed. Insane that it only took about 22 months. Of course Justin revels in the newfound attention (who wouldn't love attention from that charmer?).

I can't believe our fearless, silly, sweet buddy is going to be TWO next week. How did my baby become a big boy?


: With several of our friends having had babies recently, Eleanor is pretty obsessed with figuring out the logistics of how babies are made and born. Needless to say, I've had to have some pretty intense conversations - without prep or warning - about said topics.

: Eleanor is truly a pretty good girl and really only acts out if she's tired or needs attention. We talk to her about how she needs to set an example for brother, show him how to behave like a big boy. Normally, the kids reserve their worst behavior for me and are complete angels for our nanny, grandparents, friends, etc. But the first time ever, they were maniacs when Laura tried to take them out to dinner. Long story short, they were practically kicked out of a very kid friendly restaurant in our neighborhood. When Laura openly shared the embarrassing dining experience, I was irate. I internalized it for about an hour, and then during baths, I had this conversation with Eleanor:

Me: Eleanor, I can't stop thinking about how badly you behaved tonight.
E: Just calm down, Mom. It will be OK.
Me: I just want children that behave and are respectful.
E: Ok, then you'll just have to get new children.

: Sister loves playing dress up. Most days she comes home from school and immediately strips down and puts on dress up clothes. Like Father Like Daughter:)

: E's spanish vocabulary is expanding, and she now knows the days of the week (in song format, of course).

: Kiki gave Eleanor a subscription to Highlights magazine for her birthday (early), and she's been very busy with the various activities inside, especially finding the hidden objects in a picture. I have so many fond memories of doing the same thing at her age.

: Eleanor's motor skills are improving by the day. She can now buckle herself into her carseat and zip her coat (about 75% of the time).

Fish at school

Cool clock in the NYC hotel's gym

More than 30 years of friendship here. Loved hanging with Meredith and her family in NYC.

Afternoon on the High Line

That face...

Happy 2nd birthday, Madeline!

Cat nap during our flight to KC for this eyes wide open traveler.

First stop, Taco Via!

Oh, hello, James Patrick McGiffert! I could have snuggled with you all day but had to get back to my wild kids.

The Lunds were SO generous to hose a open house breakfast for about 30 adults and kids. Not sure how, but it was a very tame event. Not sure how that's possible with so many small children. Fisher may have a crush on Ellen Lund. Thanks to this gal, we were able to enjoy some adult conversations at the Lund Open House.

He rarely lets anyone hold him. This is a testament, Ellen... best babysitter EVER!

From left to right - Fisher, Ellen Lund, Owen Filing, Georgia Lund, Eleanor.

Miss Ryan Roznowski. She was a bit overwhelmed at the open house (loud and busy), but that didn't keep us from ogling her and her cheeks;)

Eleanor and Grammy having a chat

Grammy had a pet raccoon as a child. As a joke, she bought a stuffed raccoon a few years back. Fisher couldn't get enough of it, and it took awhile before he realized it wasn't a dog (or real).

Talent show visiting Grammy and Jack at Tallgrass over a yummy lunch of Oklahoma Joe's.

Buddy Hudson Johnson

Sweet boys

Silly girls - Olivia Clancey and Eleanor

Justin ventured out to watch the KU v KY game with this crew

Picnic at the park - January & February weather has been ideal in Austin. We're hardly indoors, which is exactly how we prefer it.

First dinner in Puerto Rico

These iguanas surrounded our resort. 

The water was absolutely stunning.

Room with a view!

Welcome happy hour

Thomases with the bride and groom (and a finger)

Beach bums

Handsome groomsmen (all wondering what the score of the KU/OU game was)

Mr. and Dr. Wilson!

All dressed up with somewhere to go

Husbands all gearing up for the garter (for second wives?)

Moms' Night Out

We love Bama! Thanks to her, we were able to relax and enjoy ourselves the entire time we were away

Thomas Boys selfie

Lollipops hand picked by these munchkins for not acting like idiots on our bike ride.

All hands on deck on the pool deck

This buddy loves school - pic courtesy of one of his amazing teachers

Favorite Daddy Daughter Duo. Taken at our friend's gender reveal party. Pink shades to (correctly) predict the gender.

Ellie and Hadley 
Eleanor/Daddy solo bike ride

In full disclosure, you don't see Eleanor in many videos these days because she doesn't like being on camera. Our little ham, on the other hand - well, you'll see...