July 9, 2016

Summer 2016

Wow, we've taken summer by the horns! Days filled with out of town guests, cold treats, swimming pools, splash pads, greenbelt swimming holes, recitals, picnics, park outings - you name it, we tackled it.

The kids are at such fun ages right now! While they definitely have their moments, they are usually pretty entertaining. They both have their very distinct personalities and aren't afraid to state their opinions.

Eleanor continues to love her arts and crafts, swimming, and singing. Her appetite has finally blossomed, and she's growing like a weed. I suddenly noticed that all of her dresses were too short, so a new, better fitting wardrobe recently made its debut.

Fisher is as silly as ever and constantly says, "That funny Mommy?" or "I a funny goose!" He loves anything that's loud, fast, or funny/silly. If we let him ride his balance bike 24 hours/day, he'd be the happiest little boy ever.

Biking to Medici for morning coffee.

Cinco de Mayo get together with The Greagers.

Tow Mater at Touch A Truck was a hit. Fisher's auto super hero:)

Beginning of May, and our seeds are planted! Green beans, spinach, and cucumber.

Trains are a hit.

Sleepy Sister

Making cards for Mother's Day


Tiny Dancer all ready for her dress rehearsal.

It struck her what the semester of dance was all about when she stepped backstage for rehearsal. "Mom, look at all these sparkly costumes!!"

Silly girl on the far left.

We had dinner reservations at a decent restaurant and then went straight to Plan B after Fisher went sans nap.

Playdate with Madeline.

A new favorite is making forts out of suitcases in Mommy's closet.

Mother's Day breakfast at Curra's

Zero energy exuded here.

Linds and Mer trekked to Austin for a Girls' Weekend. Super fun to lay low, sleep, and catch up with one another.

Meanwhile, Daddy duty entailed a boat canoe ride on the lake.

Field trip to Georgetown to fish and picnic with Uncle Jim, Aunt Sally, and Kiki.

Uncle Jim is a pro!

Aunt Sally made the BEST spread ever with all of the kids' favorite foods.

Ellie and Fish were models for Gemelli. Ice cream royalties went over well.

Sister had a super special night with Kiki - dinner date at P. Terry's and Wizard of Oz play at the Long Center.

Fun morning at Zilker Park.

Rockin' the shades

Our little architect

Rainy last day of school.

Fish and his wonderful teacher, Ms. Nichole.

Excavating. All about the tongue.

Splash pad snack time with The Beadles.

Tending the garden.

Best friend Audrey and Eleanor at the Zilker Botanical Garden Fairy Exhibit.

Buddies at Botanical Garden! Grant Hack, Hadley and Harper Greager, and Audrey and Walker Beadle.

Big boy cousins come to town! Garrett and JD were SO good to the Thomas Toddlers.

Gelato lipstick

Gelato face plant.

Bros at the Gemelli trailer

Brian and Hillary Deck invited us to their parents' lake house. So much fun was had - for BOTH kids and adults. Adult dinner seen here.

Precious Marlowe logging in some playmat time.

Father/Daughter paddleboard session

Lake life is exhausting

Marlowe and Oscar had a pretty swanky setup on the dock.


"Water motorcycle"

Rounded off Father's Day with a fast food+road trip home

Our first harvest!

Uncle Andy's gelato models

More cold treats to beat the heat in Austin.

Swimming hole at the greenbelt

Coffee date with Baby James (and Mommy Erin) in KC. James is the most chill baby - I wanted to kidnap him.

Time to celebrate Justin's 20th High School Reunion

Chaperoning Fisher's first dinner date with classmate, Paloma. He was the perfect gentleman.

I decided it was a brilliant idea to host a slumber party in my bed with both kids while Daddy was away. I woke up to this in the middle of the night.

And this in the morning. Snuggle bunnies.