April 18, 2016

Birthdays: 2 & 4

Ok, so our March is always nuts: Fisher's birthday, Spring Break, SXSW, and Eleanor's birthday. Plus we had Easter to add to the mix this year. Needless to say, I'm behind in updating the blog. And the longer I go, the more I forget. So, here goes...

Fisher Turns TWO:

: Our little buddy loved the pomp and circumstance of the birthday celebrations. Or maybe it was just the sugar that he reveled in? He's very proud that's he TWO now (aka "Big Boy"). We had his birthday party at the Zilker Kite Festival - fun, yet hectic afternoon celebrating with family and friends.

: Fisher's language has exploded in the last two months. He talks constantly. Like literally won't shut up... he basically is a constant narrator. "Mommy here, Daddy here, Ellie "Eddie" here, I jump, Loud, Louder, Oh look basketball, I bound the basketball, Music, I spin, dance, etc" It's cute, but we have learned we have to start tuning him out after awhile because he's like a broken record most of the time.

: Fisher is obsessed with his balance bike (hand me down from sister). He'll ride for MILES without falling down and cause quite the stir with passers by and all of the attention of a small kid on a tiny two wheel bike.

: We are about 90% potty trained! We started just before he turned two, and it really hasn't been that bad. He still naps/sleeps in his diaper, but it's usually pretty dry when he wakes. I just need to get used to pee splatter on and around the toilet at all times.

: We officially said goodbye to Fisher's binky. I failed at the first attempt when he was practically seizing like a drug addict that was in rehab. I tried to soothe him by rubbing his back and laying with him. Then, after some consultation from his teacher, we opted to take him to the toy store to exchange his last binky for a toy of his choice. He chose a blue Porche "race car" and he now sleeps with it every night, like it's a soft blanket. We're about 10 days in and still have rough days, but we're determined to help him beat the habit.

: Along the same thread of the Operation Bye Bye Binky, we've learned that Fisher is an emotional eater. He's always been an incredible eater, will literally eat any kind of food put in front of him. However, his teacher informed us that when he gets upset at school, he'll immediately ask for a snack. They have a designated snack time at school, and if it's not time, his teacher will say, "Fisher, it's not snack time, but I can give you a hug to help you feel better." He'll stick his lip out and reluctantly take the hug. I didn't believe this story until we got rid of the binky. He'd start crying in the middle of the night, having trouble self soothing. When I went in to help him, he immediately demanded pickles - ALL throughout the night. And then when he woke up the next morning, he looks at me and sternly says, "I'm ready for a pickle now, Mama."

: Fisher's 2 year stats:
  Height: 34.25" (54%)
  Weight: 27 lbs (37%)
  Head: 49.5 cm (72%)

Eleanor Turns FOUR:

: I forget the sheer joy of birthdays at this age. The countdown started REALLY early this year. Maybe January? The week leading up to her birthday Eleanor was beside herself she was so excited - "Mommy, I just can't possibly sleep because I can't stop thinking about my birthday!" We celebrated her actual birthday with her favorite blue pancakes. And then a few days later her birthday party - dress up yoga party at Little Yoga House. It was adorable.

: Eleanor picked out a new big girl bike with training wheels for her birthday. Let's just say we have some major practicing to do. She loves pedaling but doesn't necessarily understand how to break quickly (especially on hills). We'll get there!

: Our daughter is becoming quite the artist. Her pictures are more and more elaborate by the day, and the favorites now are rainbows, flowers, hearts, and sunshines. My personal favorite is a picture she drew of our family... she'll also dabble in portraits, which is super cute.

: Sister loves swim class and is slowly getting back into the groove after we took some time off swim lessons. We're looking forward to being able to spend time in our pool after all of this rain passes. She's most proud of being able to touch the bottom now;)

: E's jewelry obsession is at an all time high... her necklace collection is literally taking over our house. We're attempting to house them in a jewelry box Nana gave her for her birthday - a work in progress there.

: Eleanor's 4 year stats:
  Height: 38.5" (24%)
  Weight: 30 lbs (14%)

What a great Leap Day - seeing the Jayhawks beat UT!

We were so close we could practically see the boys sweat.

Silver lining of being sick with back to back sinus infections - early bedtime with kids, but not before we sneak in a family popcorn/movie party. Justin has mastered his Whirly Pop popcorn recipe.

Two of his favorite things - being naked and brushing teeth.

One of the best snugglers in Austin

Birthday boy! Where did my baby go??

Showing off his belly at his birthday dinner

Forgot to take a pic pre demolition:(

Kiki and Fish on the way to the Kite Festival

No sunshine, but we'll take it! The last couple of Zilker Kite Festivals were cancelled due to rain.

Donning the party favors - sunglasses and personalized hand kites.

Partied out.

We opted for cookies in lieu of cake for the birthday party to avoid the cake being demolished on the bike ride to Zilker.

Fun day at the New Braunfels Children's Museum for Fisher's class first field trip.

Suns out buns out

Fisher's first movie in a theater - Zootopia. Our nanny took them while we were out doing SXSWing. She said Fisher was in awe and a total angel the entire time.

SXSW Family Fun. We hit up the (free!) ferris wheel on 4th/Congress.

If this guy is outside in even slightly warm weather, his cheeks turn this color within minutes.

2 Year well check at the pediatrician. He was champ but not a fan of the 2 shots.

SXSW Mommy/Fish time while sister was a spring break yoga camp. The swings at Tom's on Congress are the cutest.

Eleanor's self portrait at yoga camp

We managed an entire afternoon/evening of adult only SXSW. Brian Hack hooked us up with VIP tickets to St. Lucia. Amazing show!

More family SXSW outings - this one to SX San Jose

This gal picked out new wheels for her birthday. I tried to steer her towards some more gender neutral options so that we could repurpose for brother. Clearly you can see I lost that battle...

Tourney Time! Buddy picked out his own socks here.

These crocodile tears because he finished his gelato and I told him there wasn't more.

And she's FOUR. Blue birthday pancakes by request.

Yoga/dress up birthday party at The Little Yoga House. This was one happy Tinkerbell!

Boys hanging pre-party.

Such a fun group of kids to celebrate our sweet girl.

Shavasana - quiet time at the end of class. This wild group of kids were completely still... like magic!

And this guy was in a trance like state. Never seen him so still.

Bama joined us for the Easter/birthday weekend - here she is overseeing the Thomas Biker Gang.


Cousin Taylor has been working in College Station, TX, so she's make a couple of weekend visits to hang with our wild crew. Luckily, she's the oldest of 5 kids, so we didn't scare her away... yet.

Easter brunch at Nightcap... delish!

Sweet sleepy girl... and orthodontia in the making.

Birthday circle for E's birthday. Justin and I were both able to be there for such a special day.

Dude showing off his big boy underwear. We're about 90% potty trained.

I joined Eleanor for Family Day at school. She showed me all of her "work" and taught me quite a bit. Such fun to experience a day in the life of a 4 year old at Athena Montessori.

Her teacher, Scott, built a well in their outdoor classroom.

Little Picasso.


Crafty Mr. Scott also built this mini hammock - adorable!

This fella joined the list of our backyard critters last week. Long story short, Justin thought it was a rattlesnake, so this is the before, and this....

is the after. Turns out it was just a rat snake - docile, copycat version of a rattlesnake. RIP Bud.

My dear friend, Erin, came to visit with her 3 month old, James. We were ALL so giddy about having a baby back in the house that the kids couldn't contain themselves as I brought out all the baby gear from the attic.

They made it! James is one of the most chill babies ever. We miss him so much!

Erin oversaw Fisher's nap duty while I took Eleanor for her 4 Year well check at the pediatrician. 4 shots were a doozy, so I insisted that this load of sugar would make her feel better. And it did!

Speaking of ice cream. Just after finishing an adult dinner at home and scooping up Gemelli gelato, James woke up and wouldn't sleep anywhere by Erin's chest. So, what are friends for... to spoon feed dessert so you can be hands free;)

Some of my very favorite people

Last photo of Fisher with his binky. Sniff, sniff.

These two have become the best snugglers. Daddy is in absolute heaven here.

Incidentally, our kids came in 5th place in our Final Four pool and raked in $365 as a result!

It doesn't get any better than this, does it?!?