June 27, 2017

Cheers Charlie!

We kicked off June celebrating one of the best - Grandpa Charlie. He passed away in May, and the entire family met up in Phoenix to honor him. While we have heavy hearts with him passing, the family reunion was a great way to cherish the many wonderful memories and make new memories with the four generations of family there. What an incredible legacy Charlie left in his wife, children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren!

A beautiful service to honor a great man.

Lots of cousin pool time

Cora & Joe

Mavis & Christian

Seattle Fisks touring ASU

Fisher was ENAMORED with his big boy cousins, Charlie and Billy. As if you can't tell by the look on his face here;)

Joss, Eleanor, Mavis and Fisher

Big kid cousins, Katherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Katie

Silly Mavis

The service for Grandpa was fittingly on National Donut Day

Sweet Cora and Nana

Joss and Eleanor were two peas in a pod. Brought back so many memories of me with my Arizona cousins. 

Nancy and Katherine twinning

Ice cream sundaes to celebrate Charlie

Dinner out at Tia Rosas... Delish!

Personalized "Cheers Charlie" styrofoam cups for the weekend

Jed, Brian, John

Charlie's three children, Nancy, John, Becky. 

Such a fun weekend, now the goodbyes...

Jed and Cinnie

These two...

See's Suckers as another tribute to Charlie.

GG Ma and the kiddos

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